Shiv Sena- BJP split: Who will be real torchbearer of Hindutva brand of politics in Maha poll?

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Modi-Uddhav Thackeray
Poll fervour is at height in both State Maharashtra and Haryana as only few days left for campaigning. In both States, stakes are high for party in power and for others who cherish this dream to get the rein in their hands.

This time the game has become interesting one after the long term allies went to their separate ways in Maharashtra. Congress-NCP who was together since fifteen years and BJP-Shiv Sena, married since 25 years called off on bitter note.

However, both the BJP and shiv Sena is on slippery ground after the break off and it proves from the fact that somewhere both are leaving the scope of coming together in case no party gets full majority after the election.

Both BJP and Sena has similar ideology-assertive and aggressive Hindu politics. Now the alliance has came to an end, who will be real successor of this Hindu brand of politics, BJP or Sena?

Though, Bal Thackeray's party is openly saying that they believe and is following rigorously the ideology, in contrast to BJP

Hindutva not BJP's agenda?

Taking a swipe at BJP, Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray as quoted by the Hindu recently said, "We are firm on Hindutva, but is the BJP firm on that? Even the colour of their Lotus symbol has changed from saffron to white. They should explain why".

But BJP have something else in their mind. With this strategy in their mind, Prime Minister shrewdly invoke Chhatrapati Shivaji name in rally and the motive was to wean away Marathi chauvinist vote-bank.

Addressing a poll rally in Maharashtra, Modi scored brownie points. He said as quoted by HT, "Political pundits are saying why is Modi not criticising Shiv Sena in his speeches (during poll campaign). This is the first election in absence of late Bal Thackeray, for whom I have great respect. I have decided not to utter a single word against Shiv Sena.

This is my tribute to Balasaheb Thackeray. There are some things which are above politics...There are feelings. Not everything should be linked to politics".

BJP's strategy

They (BJP) want to make inroad in every section of the society without asserting much on Hinduism. Since Lok Sabha election only, Modi have pursued such inclusive, developmental politics. He knows people no longer relate with aggressive Hindu politics and they want growth and prosperity. That is why despite he started his political career as poster boy of Hinduism, he goes for this makeover.

Shiv Sena's metamorphosis

Shiv Sena since its inception followed this hate politics. It's founder Bal Keshav Thackeray who was a cartoonist in his heyday started politics by this slamming business. In sixties he wage a war against South Indians and hence his party became a biggest well wisher of Marathi Manus. In 1990s party metamorphosed to this aggressive Hindutva politics after Mumbai blasts which catapulted them into power first in 1996.

Though, after Uddhav taking rein of the party, Sena's electroral prospect continue to move the downhill. The experts believe that he lacks his father's killer instinct and brash, aggressive type politics.

Moreover, his cousin and MNS chief Raj Thackeray also hijacked some of its agenda. Because of his (Raj) anti-north Indian plank, he started making inroad into Sena's core base group Marathi Manus.

Will BJP face consequence for overconfidence?

It is being said that BJP has turned out arrogant after getting massive mandate in Lok sabha poll. Somewhere this is true. The way it called off alliances in Maharashtra( BJP-Sena) and even in Haryana(BJP-HJC), that is proof that power is moving into their head.

This also validates from recent vitrolic statements from BJP's coteries.

Let's see who will get chance to laugh after the poll. But one things is clear that both are getting jittery and feeling on slippery ground.

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