Shabby treatment to patriots! Why SC's concern tells Government least respect war heroes?

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In 2004 hindi movie Deewar superstar Amitabh Bacchan had aptly represented the plight and agony of the war prisoners.

In that movie, the Indian Government did nothing to bring war heroes back. Ultimately, risking own life, the protagonist's own son secured the release of war prisoners, including his father.

It's really ironical that armed forces personnel, who put their life at stake for the country itself, gets shabby treatment from Governments.

They never make it priority to bring them back on homeland. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court raised serious concern over the issue.

Why SC fumes now?

The Supreme Court has asked Centre that what it did in 43 years to get back 54 prisoners of war (PoW), locked in Pakistani jail.

The Apex Court has asked to submit details regarding steps taken by Government for securing their release.

Expressing dismay , the court asked when the lists was prepared in 1985 itself, why nothing was done in these 29 years.

Though, the apex court has slammed previous Governments for its lackadaisical approach, it has asked new dispensation whether they have a different approach to tackle the issue.

A bench of Chief Justice R M Lodha and R F Nariman said, "Can India not approach International Court of Justice against Pakistan for serious violation of human rights?"

Humiliation, torture a routine affair in Pak jail

The Court has taken this stand while hearing argument on number of petitions including one by the father of Captain Saurabh Kalia, who was captured by Pakistani Army in 1999 .

Kalia along with five other Indian soldiers were tortured and their mutilated bodies handed over during Kargil war which had invited massive outrage not only in India but on international level also.

It is well known fact that Indian prisoners live in apalling condition in Pakistani jail.

They are hooted, tortured by fellow prisoners and even by jail authorities. Kot Lakhpat Jail is notorious for this. According to an RTI report, many of these(prisoners) are turning mentally ill because of humiliation and inhuman treatment.

Last year, Sarabjit Singh had died allegedly after beaten severely by fellow inmates. The matter caused flare up between two countries.

Banal response from Government side

Though Government concedes that as many as 54 defence personnel are serving terms in Pakistani jails, but doesn't have concrete policy on the matter.

Though reports say that around 224 Indian prisoners are lodged in Pakistani jails, facing various cases.

In 2012, then Defence Minister AK Antony had informed Lok Sabha that Government has been taking up the matter with the Pakistan Government, but they are not acknowledging it.

As quoted by TOI, senior advocate K Radhakrishnan Radhakrishnan on Wednesday said "there was no change in the Centre's international policy despite change of regime. It said the Union government had uniformly held that all outstanding issues, including the one raised in the petition, should be solved bilaterally as was resolved by India and Pakistan under the 1971 Shimla Agreement".

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