Several disastrous accidents later, has Indian Navy learnt its lesson?

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Has Indian Navy learnt its lesson yet?
It looks like the Indian Navy learns lessons very late. India's submarine fleet has been depleting ever since after so many accidents have been taking place in Naval base.

Several submarines and ships are either not usable or under repair.

After a severe accident occurred on the INS Sindhurakshak almost a year back, what is it that the Naval base has done to prevent such accidents?

Indian Navy has stuck to the 'accident' story after the preliminary assessments show "a plain and simple accident" in the "fully-loaded" weapons compartment of INS Sindhurakshak, which caused "sympathetic detonation" of some missile and torpedo warheads, probably led to the sinking of the Kilo-class submarine in Mumbai in August last year.

The Indian navy suffered its worst peacetime disaster this week when an explosion and fire sank INS Sindhurakshak with 18 sailors on board in a Mumbai dockyard. Many bodies still remain missing.

Since then, 10 more 'accidents' have happened on various submarines and ships. As the accidents continue, it doesn't seem that any protection measures have been taken about the issue.

Earlier in February, an amphibious warfare vessel INS Airavat ran aground after which its commanding officer was stripped of his command duties.

Now, after all these experiences, when will the Indian Navy actually learn to take preventive measures, only time will tell.

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