Seven things Narendra Modi wants IITs to do

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President Pranab Mukherjee and PM Narendra Modi at a conference of Chairmen, Board of Governors and Directors of IIT in New Delhi. (PTI)
While addressing a conference of Chairmen of Boards of Governors and directors of IITs, Modi asked the IITs to instill among bright young minds at various IITs a sense of "service" towards the nation. He asked the IITs to bring changes that help our nation to further grow. Here are a few highlights of his address:

- He said they should take up the challenge of making products for which India is critically dependent on imports.

- Citing examples of a range of defence and health sector equipment and sensitive and security-related items like currency ink and tear gas which are imported, he exuded confidence that India has the talent to produce them indigenously.

- He asked them to come out with projects that can provide innovative solutions to the common people in their day-to-day lives.

-He asked IITians to contribute towards fulfilling the vision of "housing for all" through technology that would enable rapid construction of economical, eco-friendly and structurally sound houses.

- Modi also asked them to contribute towards user-friendly innovation in Indian Railways.

-Adopt nearby non-IIT engineering colleges and mentor them.

-Search for innovations that people may have developed in their neighbourhood to serve as inspirations for path-breaking changes.

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