Sarita Devi refused her boxing bronze medal: All you need to know

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Sarita Devi
India's boxer Sarita Devi refused to accept her bronze medal at Asian Games 2014.

Why did Sarita Devi refuse to accept her medal?

  • The opening round of the semifinal was a 50-50 affair but later on things changed as the game further proceeded.
  • The Korean competitor started holding more and took more of a battering from Sarita.
  •  Later, Sarita unleashed a series of hooks and jabs forcing the referee to break the bout twice.
  • During the one-sided fight, Sarita simply pummelled her rival with her flurry of quicksilver blows - at times raining four to her rival's one.
  •  Her punches were connecting and the Korean was clearly hurt.
  •  But the referee refused to give the Korean the count.
  •  And at the end of the fourth round, the referee eventually raised Park's hand as the winner.
  •  Sarita was clearly the better of the two pugilists but the judges thought otherwise.
  •  Sarita Devi was shocked and stepped out of the ring without saying anything.
  •  Sarita appeared to be a clear winner in the bout, dominating the proceedings in such a way that Park barely managed to stand the assault.
  •  The verdict of the judges prompted her to lodge a protest. However, the appeal was rejected.

What happened at the prize giving ceremony?

  • After losing the appeal against the judges' decision Sarita tearfully made her way to the medal ceremony.
  • Crying bitterly on the podium, Sarita first refused to wear the medal before handing it over to Park.
  • Then she shared an emotional hug with the home boxer.
  • Sarita, the former Asian and world champion after hugging Park left the ceremony.

What did Sarita say?

  • "They could have just told me that she will win at any cost. I would not have turned up for the fight," Sarita Devi said after the match.
  • "I know that the decision cannot be reversed now. But I request all those who run the sport to ensure that such a thing does not happen again. Please don't play with the career of players who work so hard," she added.

She is not alone there are more in the list

  • This is not the only case in the 2014 Asian games.
  • Another Indian boxer, L Devendro Singh (49kg)also faced the same situation with his South Korean competitor.
  • A similar fate awaited Mongolian boxer Tugstsogt Nyambayar against Korea's Sangmyeong Ham in Men's Bantam weight quarterfinal.
  • Both Mongolia and India protested against the decision, but seemed to have happened in all the cases.
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