Saradha: What is it with Mamata and Deolo?

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What is it with Mamata Banerjee and Kalimpong's Deolo? It began with Kunal Ghosh alleging that Mamata had met with Sudipta Sen in Deolo and recently it was the turn of Rose Valley Chairman Gautham Kundu to state that he too had met with the West Bengal chief minister in the same place. [Saradha: Don't make Supreme Court a political arena]

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probing the Saradha case says that it could be incidental, but also adds that there is no harm in digging deeper as it has become very centric to the probe.

What is it with Mamata and Deolo?

While Kundu has denied any wrong doing in the meet, he also asks, what is the harm in meeting the Chief Minister. " I do not see anything wrong."

Why Kundu's meeting becomes an important angle to probe is because the ED has frozen around 2,500 bank accounts of Rose Valley in its probe into the dealings of the group.

Why Deolo?

There is no concrete explanation that either the Enforcement Directorate or the CBI can offer as to why both Sen and Kundu met with the West Bengal CM at Deolo.

Sen appears to have met Mamata with an intent of being in the good books of the top leadership so that he could have furthered his scam. He has confessed that he was asked to meet with the CM at the behest of Kunal Ghosh.

It becomes clear that Sen wanted to push his own agenda with the promise that he will purchase news channels and promote Mamata as the next Prime Ministerial candidate of the country.

Gautham Kundu on the other hand has told the ED that he met with Mamata after the editor of one of his news channels insisted on doing so. He termed it as a courtesy call and none should read more into it.

The news channel link:

Investigating agencies feel that at some level Sen and the rest knew that Mamata was aspiring ambitions of becoming the Prime Minister of the country. These were meetings of 2012 and many in the TMC had told her that she should aim to become the PM.

A host of TMC leaders then decided that the campaign to make her the PM must kick start immediately and it was important that they had news channels under their control in order to further her cause.

People like Sen realized her ambition and decided to meet and tell her that with the news channels he would purchase they would run a Mamata for PM campaign.

While it appeared impressive to the TMC leadership, Sen and the rest also managed to remain in the top circles of the ruling party and go about their scam unabated, CBI officials also point out.

Probe will dig deeper now:

CBI sources say that the probe will go deeper now. With information pouring in from the accused there are indications that a lot of money has also been parked abroad.

The CBI says that they are also probing the larger conspiracy in the case and the probe has led to foreign countries also.

The CBI officer says that yesterday they had told the Supreme Court that the probe would take some more time as the ambit of the scam is only increasing with each passing day.

There is a need for more manpower which we have requested and several more persons will be questioned in the coming days, the officer also pointed out. We want to complete the probe soon and put the accused to trial, the officer further pointed out.

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