Saradha- Nervous TMC awaits Mukul Roy song

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These are extremely nervous moments for the Trinamool Congress Party. As Mukul Roy gears up to be questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation in connection with the Saradha scam, the big question mark is what will he blurt out.

Let us face it, he knows about the TMC more than Mamata Banerjee does. The brain, heart and soul of the party is not happy with his own party and his advise on the handling of the Saradha scam was not taken and this has led him to wear his thinking cap of either engineering a split or crossing over into another party.

Mukul Roy

Cold shouldered:

Mukul Roy's loyalty towards Mamata Banerjee was un-questionable. The manner in which he stood by her, engineered wins in elections and also plotted strategy for her had made him indispensable in the party.

However, the Saradha scam changed everything. Roy was of the view that the party was getting unnecessarily defensive. He had a whole other strategy in mind and that was to take corrective measures and ease the heat on the party.

At no point in time did he want the scam to reach up to the top leadership and he also felt that by taking on the CBI none were going achieve anything.

His outburst in New Delhi about the meeting with Sudipta Sen was a shocker for the TMC who have been in denial all along. It is no secret that he got a dressing down for the same by Mamata Banerjee. The only reason why Roy silently took the dressing down was because he still respects her.

Loyalty under question:

Roy may have earned the wrath of Mamata after his New Delhi outburst, but he remained quiet after that. However, there was something that changed and his loyalty today, many would say, is under question.

Roy, after all, felt that his suggestions on handling the scam ought to have been taken. It was with so much difficulty that the TMC came to power and to throw it all away due to ego and arrogance was not something that Roy approved of.

The kind of trust that Mamata had in Roy does not exist anymore. Roy after all was a TMC leader who used his brains rather than his emotions to get things done.

His handling of the party workers right from the capital of West Bengal to the village level had earned him laurels. Mamata could rest at ease as long as Roy was around.

What if Roy is arrested?

Sources say that there is a good chance that the CBI may arrest him. However, it would all depend on what he has to tell the CBI. The question that is worrying the TMC is what if he is arrested?

His arrest would be the biggest blow for the TMC. There is none like Roy who can run the party. Mamata Banerjee could go out of control in issuing statements thanks to her current set of advisors who she decided to place above Roy off late.

Mamata may have built up an image among the cadres, but it was Roy who kept the machinery running. The TMC is sure going to miss him in case he is arrested by the CBI.

Roy may bare all:

Roy's close aides say that he has decided to adopt a wait and watch policy. He is a smart man and will see first how much evidence the CBI has against him.

If he finds that he is in a situation that he cannot wriggle out then he may just come all out and bare everything before the CBI. If he does so there is a good chance that the TMC may crumble or even split up.

There are many within the party who feel that Roy is the right man to chalk out the strategy of the party. He may not be a crowd puller like Mamata, but if he engineers a split then the TMC would find itself neck deep in trouble.

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