Karan Johar will be proud of the 'Kal Ho Na Ho' 'remake', featuring Khurshid (T&C apply)

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New Delhi, April 25: The viral video of the German embassy doing a remake of the Bollywood blockbuster Kal Ho Na ho has taken the internet by rave. Especially because dignitaries like the former Union Minister Salman Khurshid could be spotted tapping feet with German ambassador to India Michael Steiner and his wife Eliese.

While Khurshid played Saif Ali Khan, Steiner played Shahrukh's role and his wife played Preity Zinta.

With a tagline "Lebe Zetzt-Kal Ho Naa Ho", the video was made with a motto. As Khurshid explains,"In politics, we don't know if there would be a tomorrow or not. Similarly in life also the motto should be to live life to the fullest and in the present."

Indo-German relations

Given the recent development in the relations between the two countries, especially after PM Modi's visit, the video marks the beginning of a friendship that is there to be. Khurshid, however, says,"Our cultures have similar roots, though we can learn a lot from the German people, such as their discipline."

Steiner said that Bollywood films are very popular in Germany and that he and his wife have watched over 150 films. It was a challenge. These actors are masters and I had to imitate them. I realised that you cannot imitate Shah Rukh Khan. He is such a perfect actor. We wanted to show our respect to Bollywood and these fantastic actors. They are very popular in Germany," he said.

With Narendra Modi's recent 'Make in India' pitch in Germany, this video seems to be a suitable tribute to the Prime Minister's idea of it. India and Germany are said to be sharing a trade relation worth $17 billion.

Is Khurshid's involvement rhetoric?

Congress leader Salman Khurshid's participation has raised many eyebrows. Though there are no reported connections between the video and Modi's visit to Germany, it can be said that the Modi wave is finally sending its ripples across parties. However, his absence from the group picture speaks a lot about his intentions.

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