Defending Salman Khan: Nobody sleeps on the footpath by choice, Mr Abhijeet

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The way the glamour people came to defend star actor Salman Khan after he was convicted in a 12-year-old hit-and-run case was disappointing but of them all, the logic which was put forward by singer Abhijeet to defend the actor was the most shocking. [Complaint against Abhijeet for controversial remarks]

Why sleep on footpaths? Rich men drive on them!

The playback singer said those who were sleeping on the footpath were actually to be blamed for the tragedy. The man was also seen arguing with news channels over the point whether Mumbai indeed has proper footpaths.


If Abhijeet has struggled so hard in life, how does he make such insensitive remarks?

Whether Mumbai has footpaths or not is something the civic authorities need to see. But to hear a person, who himself claims to have struggled in his life, utter such atrocious reasoning is something that fails us as human beings.

Mr Abhijeet, what were you exactly trying to convey?

Has the massive financial stake hit the singer's mental balance?

May be the massive financial stake on Salman Khan's film career at the moment has rattled all those who are part of the big industry and they are speaking non-sense. But even then, do they have the right to sweep aside the poor and helpless?

Abhijeet proved that no matter how much you struggle, money & fame make you arrogant

By saying roads are meant for cars and dogs and that he had never slept on a road despite having no home for a year, Abhijeet showed how people lose their roots and turn arrogant with money and fame. We have heard you to be someone who cares for the poor but Mr Abhijeet, you have proved us wrong. All you do is just show-off business.

May be now blame the SUV manufacturer for not making anti-footpath drive cars

Why are you shamelessly defending the 49-year-old actor? Even if you have a big stake, you should express the non-sense that you have in your mind in informal quarters and not in the open to humiliate those who have already been let down by the system.

Nobody sleeps on the footpath by choice; you were lucky Mr Singer

Nobody opts to sleep on the footpath by choice and the playback singer should have understood that, if he has indeed struggled in his life very hard. Or may be he has forgotten the past and sees nothing beyond the smokes of glamour.

Blaming people for getting overran by a star actor's reckless car is so low an act that it was Abhijeet who turned out to be even a bigger culprit that the convicted actor.

Next time, who will you blame Mr Singer? The SUV manufacturer for not making their vehicles anti-footpath drive?

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