RSS Trying to become Appealing to Youngsters

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is one of the most controversial organisation in India. For some it is an organisation whose influence has been spreading far and wide and for some it is an organisation that breeds Hindu hardliners.

It is an organisation that has been banned thrice in its 90 years of existence.


RSS on its own part states that its mission is:

"For the welfare of entire mankind, Bharat must stand before the world as a self-confident, resurgent and mighty nation. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has resolved to fulfil this age-old national mission by forging the present-day scattered Hindu Society into an organised and invincible force both on the plane of Adhyaatma and on the plane of material life. Verily this is the one real practical world mission - if ever there was one."

RSS has over the time tried to reinvent itself and attract more youngsters to be part of it. RSS has its website and its app also. Apart from that RSS has put up three e-books also on its site for readers to read it and understand the organisation's philosophy better.

Change in Uniform:

As part of the process to make the organisation more appealing for the youth the organisation recently changed uniform of its members from khakhi shorts to brown pants.

The decision was made during the annual meeting of the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha near Jodhpur. RSS officials said that there was no particular reason for choosing brown colour for pants.

The issue was debated for the first time in 2010 but as there was no consensus on it was deferred for five years.

The loose khakhi shorts have been the uniform of the members since the inception of the organisation in 1925. It is not that RSS has not made any change in its uniform since 1925.

The trademark shorts had however managed to survive the change till now. The first change in the uniform was made in 1940 when white shirt replaced khakhi shirts. It was in 1973 that leather shoes replaced by long boots and later on rexine shoes were also allowed.

Launch of App:

Last year in October RSS had launched a mobile app that would help people know about its mission, aim, prayers, branches names and much more information.

The app also allows the user to search for other members of the organisation. The app also informs user about various sports that are part of RSS's drill and it also informs about the benefits of participating in those sports.

Change in curriculum:

RSS in a bid to modernise its curriculum had added karate classes with its regular exercises and yoga. Also along with telling stories about ancient India RSS started including general knowledge and science quiz. Modern day heroes also now find mention in the RSS meets.

RSS has been trying to modernise itself as though it has 40,000 branches in bigger cities fewer and fewer people are attending the meetings.

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