RSS fake Facebook page: Why is Kolkata police dragging its feet?

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The Kolkata police appear to be more on an advisory mode rather than taking action against those persons who created a fake RSS Facebook page. A fake RSS Facebook page was created in Kolkata on which several provocative messages were being posted. The page looks exactly like the original and has around 35,000 likes.

The main worry that the RSS has voiced is that this fake page has been posting sensitive content with an aim of provoking in a bid to give the organization a bad name. It has become clear that some persons in Kolkata have created that page and it could be rival groups, members of the RSS feel.


Approach facebook says police:

The first time this page was discovered by the members of the RSS was in June. It was after their unit in West Bengal tipped them did they take notice of the same. The message from Nagpur where the RSS is headquartered was to file a complaint in Kolkata and ensure that the page is taken down and also book the culprits.

After the matter was brought to the notice of the police, the same was handed over to the IT Cell. The IT cell on its part has made no real breakthrough in the case which has irked members of the RSS. The police say that those aggrieved should approach facebook and request that the page be taken down. However the complainants want the IT cell to first track down the persons who had created this page in the first place, so that their request to facebook after this would be much stronger.

Facebook tends to take down content or pages such as these faster if there is a police investigation to ascertain such claims. However the IT cell in Kolkata says since this is a cyber investigation it would take sometime while also adding that they are doing their best to nab the culprits.

An agenda:

It has been alleged by members of the RSS that this page was created as part of an agenda. The material that is sometimes posted on this page is too provocative something that the RSS does not approve of. Remarks about Bangladesh and minorities in a very provocative manner have made its way into this page.

More often than not due to such material, the RSS is accused of being provocative, a member of the Sangh informed OneIndia. The RSS smells a larger conspiracy behind this and says that there is a motive to ensure that the Sangh gets a bad name.

It is very important that the culprits are brought to book in this case soon. Not only will such fake pages post provocative content to provoke the people, but if investigations drag like this it would act as a boon for the accused persons.

The Sangh also suspects that this is a professional body which has created this page. It is exactly similar to official page and appears to be a professional job. However the larger intent is what needs to be seen in this case. It is clear that someone out there is making attempts to paint the Sangh in very poor light, the members also say.

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