Rohtak sisters and more: Meet the Indian heroes who stood up and fought back!

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Two college-going sisters in Rohtak district of Haryana, stood as an inspiration for many as they thrashed their molesters black and blue with belts and took the matter to police.

22-year-old Arti Kumar and 19-year-old Pooja were travelling in a Haryana Roadways bus plying from Rohtak to Sonipat. Three youths allegedly started eve-teasing them. The girls tried to ignore them, but when the accused started making lewd gestures at a pregnant woman who was also in the bus, the girls took matter in their own hands by teaching them a lesson.

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The girls alleged that the boys were blowing kisses at them and throwing slips on which their mobile phone numbers were written. When the girls objected to this, the youth made lewd gestures and passed comments on them.

Meet Rohtak sisters and other heroes

Shockingly, other passengers on the bus, including the bus driver and conductor, did not come to rescue or help the two girls. The bus kept moving as the girls were being assaulted.

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"We fought the assaulters all alone. No one came forward to help us as the youth hit us and even pushed us out of the moving bus," said Aarti and Pooja.

Meet more heros who stood up and inspired many others!

The fake plumber

A woman in Haryana kicked and bit an attacker who had entered her house on the pretext of repairing a tap.

A person posing as a plumber told her that there was a complaint regarding a tap and she took him inside. While he was repairing the tap, he asked her to bring a cloth. As she turned, he held her from back and tried to overpower her. But the lady fought back.

"She kicked him hard and also bit him. She got injured in the tooth also," said station house officer. The man tried to escape but the woman held him again and raised the alarm. Ultimately he fled the spot.

The bike accident

Mamata Yadav, a woman from Meerut, took on a group of attackers all by herself as they assaulted her husband after hitting the couple's bike with their car in a busy street while no one came forward to help her.

The youths who were in the car alighted and started assaulting Mamata's husband following which she tried to resist the attackers by showering them with blows.

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Mamata said she and her husband sought help from the people present at the scene but no one came forward.

During the jog

A woman, in Bengaluru, bashed up a man who was allegedly harassing her at a park, and then posted the video on Facebook, saying "I taught an eve teaser a tough lesson!".

The Rohtak sisters alleged that the boys were blowing kisses at them

The accused allegedly began harassing the woman when she was out for her daily jog. Instead of ignoring him, the woman shouted at him and chased him down. When she caught up with him, she ordered him to kneel down and then kicked him in full public view. The man then ran away. All this was filmed reportedly by her friend.

"I was eve teased this morning by a guy in a park where I run regularly! I chased him - hit him hard and filed an FIR. Police was extremely supportive. I am posting this video for women to know that change will happen only when we want it to happen!" the woman said in a Facebook post.

International fight

A 14-year-old schoolgirl was walking home in Sussex when a 35-year-old man grabbed her arms from behind.

The martial arts practice for several years helped her manage to break free from him, and went on to punch and kick him. He was left battered and bruised after his attempted attack in Tilgate Park in Crawley last weekend.

Sussex Police arrested him shortly after the incident on Saturday morning and are now appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

Hope this inspires every woman and man to stand up for what is right and be the change!

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