Rohtak girls commit suicide: What drive them to take such extreme step?

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crimes against women increased by 7.1 percent nationwide since 2010
Post-Nirbhaya gangrape case, India got new anti-rape law, issues regarding women's safety became a talking point on every public platforms and demands to make the country safer for women took momentum. But, India will have to go extra miles to assure a safer place for women, this becomes evident from the heart-rending story of two Rohtak girls that hit headlines in national dailies on Wednesday.

Stressed over repeated stalking by a group of youths, two teenaged girls committed suicide in Rohtak district of Haryana on Tuesday. The girls, Nikita Duhan and her friend Madhu, both higher senior secondary students, were found in unconscious state in their coaching institute after which they were rushed to nearby hospital. But, they were declared brought dead. Reports suggest that the girls had consumed a poison-laced fruit juice at their coaching institute.

The girls have left behind a suicide note wherein they held stalkers not only responsible for this extreme step, but also the society that often hold girls responsible for crimes against them.

The suicide note quoted by IBN live as, "The situation in Rohtak has turned very bad. For the last three months, we were being harassed by boys. They would trail us till our house giving rise to the spread of rumours. I request police to take take strong measures or else many more girls may have to end their lives to end the harassment. We have done nothing to shame our parents whom we love very much."

Is the society responsible?

The two girls ended their life because they did not have faith that their family or the State machinery would help end their trauma. They knew that if their trauma ever became public, they would become subject of jokes and their family would be taunted. Their concern was justified as the gender biased society generally held the women responsible for the sexual harassment or eve-teasing. Quiet often, the young girls, who are victim of harassment or eve-teasing, are unable to confide even it to their parents out of fear of being blamed. Due to "family honour" many complaint files are withdrawn and in many cases the police do not give a fair hearing.

Nikita and Madhu's case not alone
The case of these two ambitious girls facing eve-teasing is not alone there are scores of such cases across the country and most of them go unreported. According to National Crime Record Bureau statistics, crimes against women increased by 7.1 percent nationwide since 2010. A total of 2,28,650 incidents of crimes against women were reported in the country during 2011.

Inspite of amendment to law, things have not changed

Post-Nirbhaya, many laws were amended. And now there is provision for an increased sentence for rape convicts, including life-term and death sentence. Crimes such as acid attacks, stalking and voyeurism handled more strictly. Various sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Indian Evidence Act and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act have been amended. But, on ground nothing much have changed. Only amendment to laws will not work , until their implementation is not done properly. Authorities should keep a tab on how the law are being implemented in reality. Moreover, the society needs to change its mindset in respect of women. The girl should not be held responsible for the crime against them.

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