Revealed: How ISIS bullied the radicals who wanted to join jihad

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Jihad is just not cool. The ISIS which had said once that they want to make Jihad look cool has clearly let down several radicals who had left their homes and joined them in Syria and Iraq.

It appears that Areef Majeed is not the only one to complain about having cleaning toilets after joining the ISIS. Complaints of jihadis who travelled to both Syria and Iraq from various other countries too have had similar complaints and have written back home begging to be rescued.

Have signed up for Jihad, not to clean toilets: Heart Broken Jihadis

Scores of youth from across the world left their homes trusting the Supreme Commander of the ISIS, Abu Bakr Al Bhagdadi who declared the caliphate. However, on reaching their bases in Syria and Iraq many have realized that the picture is completely different.

Letters by various recruits from France suggest that after joining the ISIS, they realized that it was a heart breaking incident and had not signed up for this. We had come to Iraq to raise arms and fight the holy war but ended up doing degrading jobs which ranged from cleaning toilets to fetching water. [Clean Bathroom In Just 5 Minutes!]

One recruit even wrote back home stating that his ipod was not working and it had become too cold for him to last in there. They were all begging their parents to speak with the government and grant them clemency and also be rescued from the crutches of the ISIS.

ISIS gives preference to British fighters

Based on what Majeed has been saying and also reading his statements along with the complaints of the rest of the recruits, it is clear that there is a lot of bullying that happens in the ISIS camps. There is a lot of favouritism in the camps where the preference is given to local fighters and especially those from Britain.

The rest of them are looked down upon and given odd jobs. What the ISIS is planning is to have a large number of people in its fold and create a full-fledged army. They require fighters, people to do odd jobs, women for entertainment and spying, etc. They are also recruiting nurses to treat those injured in the battle field. In the midst of all this, these recruits who are newly appointed into the ISIS face the wrath of the senior members.

It is ironic when some of these recruits write back home saying that they can't use their ipods. These are the same recruits who had problems with their sisters watching television and had termed it as anti-Islam.

Many bullied by seniors, bubble busted

Most of the ISIS recruits who sign up do so only for one reason. All of them before joining ISIS, thought that once they are trained, they will be told to take up arms. Picking up an Ak-47 impresses them no end and they think that the battle on the field is what they are signing up for.

Most of the recruits have had their bubble busted on day one itself. On landing there, they have been told to clean toilets, fetch water and carry out other menial jobs. Many of them are being disillusioned in the first stage itself. Also to add to their misery is the bullying by the senior members who prevent these recruits from taking rest, listening to music. In fact, one French recruit even wrote that he would not be allowed to charge his ipod, leave alone listen to music on it.

Making sense of the various statements by these recruits it is clear that they thought that there would be a united fight. Instead they found that they were being bullied.


Wannabe Jihadis cannot bear brutality

In the case of Majeed it had become clear that there was too much brutality that he could not handle. He said that women were being raped and ill treated and he could not bear all this. It is also clear that when they watch these videos on the internet they are drawn towards it.

However most of them are unable to handle it when they see it with their own eyes or even asked to do it themselves.

In simple words, many of them have shown signs of desperation to return home since they found that Jihad by the ISIS is not cool and simply not what they had signed up for.

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