Return of Rahul Gandhi: The biggest comedy show on Indian news channels?

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Nothing could have been more comic than to constantly see on the television three SUVs dodging on the roads in the national capital, apparently bringing back Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi back. [Twitterati reacts on Rahul Gandhi return episode]

Nobody told us where the 44-year-old leader had actually gone 56 days ago and only theories were doing the rounds about the reason of his disappearance. [Why so much noise over Rahul Gandhi's return?]

Coronation next? Is Rahul Gandhi becoming the King of India?

The entire drama around the return of Rahul Gandhi has made the Congress's pitiable state more obvious. Some channels were making it more funny by saying the coronation of Rahul Gandhi as the president will happen soon since he is back.

The Congress's serious issue of succession has been made to look a comedy

Is Rahul Gandhi the successor of a princely state? With his party in doldrums and time running out fast for making a recovery, the talk is on the coronation of a leader who has been a complete failure.

Congress's 'look front, move back' policy

'Look front, move back' is the perfect term to describe the Congress's latest drama being staged around the comeback of an overrated leader.

A new succession challenge for the Gandhis

The Congress's or rather the Gandhis' succession question has always been settled by a death. Indira Gandhi had become the prime minister in 1966 after the untimely death of Lal Bahadur Shashtri who had succeeded the former's father Jawaharlal Nehru two years ago.

Rajiv Gandhi had become the prime minister after the sudden assassination of Indira Gandhi while a reluctant Sonia Gandhi stepped into politics in the late 1990s after the party started struggling with a Gandhi at the helm (Rajiv Gandhi, the the last active Gandhi till then, was also assassinated in 1991).

The debate between the old & young guards has raised a 'democratic' question for the dynastic party

This is the first time that the question of succession in the Gandhi family is asking to be settled in the presence of two alive generations. So there is a scope of contradiction between the loyalists of the two leaders, old and new, and that is what precisely happening in the Congress.

A serious question of succession is being made to look a comedy

But although the matter is a serious one and the future of India's politics depends on how the Congress does from here, it is looking like a comedy, thanks to Rahul Gandhi's failure to prove himself as a serious politician and the media's sensationalism.

The audience of Indian politics knows that little will change in the Congress whether Rahul Gandhi stays back for some time or disappears again.

Fall of the Gandhis' image has seriously hurt the Congress

The grand-old party has lost its footing and the credibility has gone out of the window. The fall of the image of the Gandhis, the institution which has led the party out of the trouble every time, has multiplied the problems more. The party wants the mother to lead, the mother wants the son to lead while nobody really knows what the son wants.

The trap is tragic. But the acts are comic.

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