Rehabilitation on cards: Why refugee Kashmiri Pandits have reason to smile now

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Kashmiri Pandits
It seems, Kashmir is the top priority for Modi Government. If we will closely scrutinies past three months of statements given by various party leaders this will be proved. Sometimes they talk about abrogation of Article 370 issue then they again rake up rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits matter. The reason quite evident is Assembly election in the State which is only couple months away.

Both Centre and State is wrangling over the issue

  • Home Minister reportedly has asked the State government to identify land for the purpose of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits.
  • Reiterating the party's stand that Modi Government is committed for the cause, Rajnath Singh has written to Omar to invigorate the whole process.
  • Singh's visit got canceled at last moment because of flash flood in the State, though he promised all possible help to Omar government.
  • Perceiving that BJP might highjack the agenda, State Government has said that they have been advocating for the cause from last six years.
  • NC spokesperson Junaid Mattu claimed that they even had urged from Centre to increase compensation which meant for the repair and reconstruction of their houses from 7 lac to Rs 20 lakh.
  • While speaking on the occasion of Independence day , Omar had tried to take up the cause. He said, "It is because of the efforts of the present government and the cooperation of the Centre that slowly and steadily we have succeeded to some extent in bringing back Kashmiri Pandits and other migrants to their homes."

Rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits-Tale of pain and agony

  • Agony of kashmiri Pandits can be gauged from the fact that they are like refugee in their own land.
  • Lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits had to leave their home and homeland in ninties just to save themselves from the cruelty at the hands of Islamic militants.
  • In 1989-1990, terrorism in Kashmir valley was on top. On the name of ethnic cleansing by Muslim terrorist large number of Pandits were brutally killed .
  • Out of fear that they will be killed if stay in valley they took this hard decision with heavy heart. on January 19, 1990 a largest exodus happened and the day is still commemorated as Holocaust Day by these migrants .
  • According to official data quoted by Indian express, at present as many as 59,442 Kashmiri Pandit families have been registered as migrants with 38,119 registered in Jammu, 19,338 in Delhi and 1,985 in the rest of the country. Though the real number will be many more.
  • 24 years have passed but still both State and Government have no tangible plan for rehabilitation of these hapless migrant.

What Modi government is planning?

  • Before coming to power, BJP had given importance to this issue along . Party had even mentioned this cause in their election manifesto .
  • According to reports, a comprehensive planning is being worked upon for making this cause successful.
  • According to a HT report, a package will be given that includes enhanced financial assistance, security to life and property, government jobs and other employment opportunities and subsidies ration if they will return to the valley.
  • The new planning will be more attractive than one done by UPA in 2008 that included Rs. 7.5 lakh compensation per family member for reconstruction of houses.

Is election the real motive?

  • This might be a reason why BJP is so excited about the issue.
  • Every now and then they rake up controversy about Article 370 issue and evidently motive is to polarize voters to get political mileage in coming election.
  • They know very well that Hindu voters are already in their kitty and that proved from recent Lok sabha election result where they won all Hindu dominated seats, two from Jammu region as well as Ladakh.
  • Ridding high on Lok Sabha result, BJP is now eying to make Mission 44+ successful in state and leaving no stone unturned to make it reality.
  • Five Assembly seats of valley is BJP's main focuss and that includes Amira Kadal and Habba Kadal seats in Srinagar, Sopore in Baramulla, and the Anantnag and Tral seats in south Kashmir.
  • As Congress and NC looks weak after they went to their separate ways recently, BJP is eyeing for majority in the State.
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