Rapes in India: Read expert opinion of our politicos’

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Whenever an incident of rape occurs in India, all the bizarre reasons are given from all the corners and the only person who is blamed for it is the girl. The most outlandish comments come from our respected politicians despite our Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking the leaders to stop pscyho-analysing rapes. Our leaders who either blame it on eating fast food or on the mobile phones never shy to add their expertise on what are the reasons behind such incidents.

Either the girl is roaming late at night or she is skimpily dressed. But what reasons will these so called ‘experts' give on the rape of a six-year-old in her school in Bangalore. This is not the first case a child has been raped, incidents in the past have shown that not even babies who are few months old have been raped. What theories will our leaders give for such cases?

Here are the seven best reasons given by our leaders for the rising cases of rapes in our country:

1. Eating non-vegetarian food


Mobile phones and non-vegetarian food are reasons for surge in rape cases, a Bihar Minister for Arts, Culture and Youth Affairs, Vinay Bihari said. “People who eat more non-vegetarian food like chicken and fish are inclined towards carrying out molestation and rape,” said Bihari.

2. Using mobile phones


It was not only Vinay Bihari, even a Legislature Committee on Women and Child Welfare in Karnataka said that the mobile phones should be banned as they lead to crimes like rape. "We have found during our interactions that mobile is the reason behind kidnap and rape among school and college going girls,” said Shakuntala Shetty who headed the committee. She also said, “As we found several such incidents, we in the committee decided to recommend a ban on mobiles; it is not necessary for students, so we have mentioned that it should be banned.”

3. Television


For the spurt of rapes in Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party leaders blamed Television channels for besides using a strange argument that when relationship between girls and boys come out in open it is called "rape". "The vulgarity and violence which is normally shown on TV channels is affecting mentality of people, is responsible for bringing vulgarity into homes and polluting young minds,” said SP leader Ram Gopal Yadav.

4. Wearing jeans (western dresses)


Even the dresses that girls wear are generally attributed for the reason behind rapes. BJP Minister from Madhya Pradesh, Babulal Gaur, had once said, ‘Foreign culture’ is not good for India. “Women in foreign countries wear jeans and T-shirts, dance with other men and even drink liquor, but that is their culture. It’s good for them, but not for India, where only our traditions and culture are OK.”

5. Fast food - chowmein, pizza and burgers


Our respected leaders had also blamed the fast food for the reason behind the surge in rape cases. "To my understanding, consumption of fast food contributes to such incidents. Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking an urge to indulge in such acts," said Jitender Chhatar, a khap panchayat leader.

6. Mannequins


As per politicians in Mumbai, mannequins silently promote the surge of rapes and molestations. Ritu Tawade, the BJP corporator said, "Lingerie mannequins promote rapes. Skimpily clad mannequins can pollute young minds." She further said, "Such people get provoked by mannequins. After all, a mannequin is a replica of a woman's body. That's why I oppose it, because mannequins do not suit Indian culture," Tawde said.

7. Not to forget the "VICTIM" herself


No matter who is the real culprit, but in the end the person who is to be blamed is the VICTIM herself. The victim is always at the receiving end.

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