Raigarh highlights: Modi attacks 'Madam' and 'Shahzada'

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Raigarh (Chhattisgarh), Nov 15: Narendra Modi's popularity is evident from the crowd that gathers to listen to him. Be it Gujarat or Chhattisgarh, Modi is received like a king. Bit it is not just the grand reception that awes one, but also the way he interacts with the crowd, as if to involve everyone in the election of the country's leader...already. Truely, we can hope for democracy this time, no issues even if you are poor.

Here are a few highlights of the last round of his campaign in Raigarh (Chhattisgarh) before the 2nd phase of Assembly elections to be held on 19th.

Taking on the remarks of the Congress against him one at a time, Modi answered and answered back with pride.

Won't let you down

A promise he has been making throughout, Modi words were apparently not empty. Referring to the 10 years of contribution of Dr Raman Singh, he said that the state was previously considered famine-stricken when it was a part of Madhya Pradesh.

However, things have changed now and it is known as the rice bowl of the country, thanks to Raman Singh.He takes on 'Madam' (Sonia Gandhi) and says that instead of looking after the people of the country, she is busy "digging Gold" or attacking Narendra Modi. He further asks her to do her "homework" before going for a rally somewhere (a jibe at her recent visit to the state).

Corruption and Congress

Unmoved by Congress's remark on corruption and Chhattisgarh's development, Modi argues that the state won a prestigeous government award for its contribution as a rice producer in the country. And the award was given by Dr Manmohan Singh himself, he points out.

To this, Congress had alleged that the Chhattisgarh government "buys" awards. Modi, interestingly points out that if Chhattisgarh gave bribe, who was the taker?

To make is point clear, he further said that Congress should not point fingers at others, especially when it has not yet answered hundreds other questions relating corruption, defence and coal scams.

Was 60 years not enough?

Not for Congress, he said. Jibing at 'Shahzada' (Rahul Gandhi), he said,"Shahzada says I want to change the system. Please tell me who ruled the nation for 60 years. Who put these systems in place for last 60 years? Who made them? And who spoiled them. For corruption free India we need a Congress free India. India, otherwise was called the 'Sone ki chidiya' (a bird of Gold), but that was not long lasting because you looted it."

Is being poor a crime?

Asking this question to the crowd, the leader said,"These days what are UPA people saying, tea sellers cannot be PM. A tea seller may or may not be PM people decide but should those who sell the nation be PM? Tea seller is better than nation seller. Is it a crime to be poor? Is it a crime to have poor parents? Is it a crime to sell tea to fill stomach? What kind of mentality is this? Please do not play with the emotions of the people."

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