Rahul slumbers while house debates price-rise

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Rahul Gandhi taking a nap in Lok Sabha.
With Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi snapped sleeping in the Lok Sabha session, it seems that the sleepless nights are yet not over for the Congress. Oblivious to speeches and debate on price-rise in the Parliament, party's vice-president was on Wednesday found sleeping in the house when a Congress member in front of him was speaking.

In the past, Congress left no stone unturned for image makeover of its vice-president but time and again the Gandhi scion has proved that he is not at all interested in what the party is doing.

During 15th Lok Sabha, Rahul attended two debates

Even the data from PRS Legislative Research showed that the prince was among the bottom 30 MPs and also the worst performer when it came to the attendance in the 545-member Lok Sabha. Among MPs below the age of 45, Rahul was only sixth from the bottom in attendance. Rahul had an attendance of just 42 per cent which is much below the national average of 76 per cent.

During the entire term of 15th Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi (who will take the lead in attacking Government now) took part in two debates and surprisingly asked no questions.

As the first session of the 16th Lok Sabha began, Rahul Gandhi, after showing his reluctance to head Congress, was seen sitting in one of the back benches of the Opposition. RaGa was seen seated in the ninth row along with Shashi Tharoor.

At a time when the Assembly elections are on door, the party vice-president who should pull up his socks to revive the beleaguered Congress is seen in a lazy mode. The party faced rout with a mere score of 44 seats out of 545, 10 less than the number required to stake its claim as Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. BJP decimated Congress and pushed the party to the lowest tally ever in history.

A few days ago, Congress' general secretary Digvijay Singh had triggered a debate on Rahul Gandhi's ability to lead his party and said that the Gandhi scion lacks the temperament to rule.

By being oblivious to the cameras in the House and taking a nap, Rahul Gandhi has done a Deve Gowda (former prime minister) who had a penchant for being photographed asleep several times.

It's time for the prince to wake from his deep slumber and work for redeeming party's lost glory in the upcoming Assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra which are scheduled to take place this year.

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