Snooping: How a controversy helped Rahul Gandhi

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Bengaluru, Mar 17: While the 'snooping' controversy on Rahul Gandhi is heating up inside and outside Parliament, there are some in the political circles who are anxiously waiting to hear from Rahul on the issue.

Some are of the opinion that looking at the sequence of events that followed Rahul's sabbatical and talks about his coronation as Congress party president, one can assume the recent row over snooping is intended to provide Rahul a smooth comeback to politics.

rahul gandhi

Many including senior Congress leaders had criticised Rahul over his sabbatical saying that it was untimely, considering that there were some important bills up for discussion in Lok Sabha.

Sources say after considering Rahul's sudden leave and controversies followed by it, Congress was waiting for a perfect time to welcome the 44-year-old Amethi MP.

Congress on Tuesday organised a "rasta roko" protest on alleged snooping terming it as the biggest espionage scandal in the history of independent India. The Opposition also asked Modi Government to focus on governance and do not behave like a dictator.

BJP was quick to counter the allegation, according to them What triggered the Rahul incident is routine exercise of Delhi Police to maintains basic personal details, including physical features, birth marks, moustache or a beard, gait, colour of eyes, use of spectacles, dress, and even shoes worn by the person.

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