Rahul Gandhi must check Modi's itinerary before doing any public act

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi should do himself a favour. He should consult the calendar before he plans his poll speeches. For, each time he is making a hard effort to establish his authority (as a leader or as a popular leader), rival Narendra Modi is tearing him apart. Friday saw the second such instance.

Sept 29 followed September 27

On September 27, Gandhi gatecrashed a press conference of a party leader and rubbished a controversial ordinance of his own government. The act made Gandhi a dear in the eye of his followers and those worried over the declining ethical standard of the Indian democracy.

Rahul should either take care of his words or avoid Modi's rallies trailing his

But the positive image of the Congress vice-president did not last for even 48 hours as Modi took him head on during his next mega rally in the national capital on September 29. Gandhi's act was a juicy fulltoss which an in-form Modi did not fail to whack. Modi even sympathised with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, citing Gandhi's act of 'humiliating' his own prime minister but the target was simple: Cash in on Gandhi's mediocre act.

Oct 25 followed Oct 23/24

The same order got repeated in less than a month's time. Rahul Gandhi spoke on his family issues and attacked the BJP for allegedly fuelling communal fire at various rallies in Madhya Pradesh, including Bundelkhand. Within two days, an attacking Modi took on Gandhi in the same region, although on the Uttar Pradesh side.

He ensured that the Gandhi's family stories and utterings that intelligence officials told him about ISI's influencing Muslim youths in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar did not remain unaddressed. Rahul Gandhi felt angry when his grandmother was killed which is understandable, but did he feel angry when thousands of Sikhs were killed in retaliation, Modi asked.

He also mocked the Congress-led UPA government for not doing anything despite knowing that Pakistan is trying to meddle in Uttar Pradesh. "It looks the Congress and its government act like a news agency whose work is to spread the news," Modi said.

The Gujarat chief minister also questioned intelligence officials meeting Rahul Gandhi and briefing him about secrets. "Are the intelligent officials feeding the crown prince about his poll speech?," he asked.

Rahul helping the BJP and Modi

Rahul Gandhi's attack on a 'communal' BJP is certainly helping Modi for the former is making things difficult for his party by speaking in an unplanned manner. Many would have felt surprised to see Modi lashing out at the opponent over riots when generally he himself is seen at the receiving end on this particular issue. The BJP's prime ministerial candidate must thank Rahul Gandhi for offering him enough space to score runs freely.

In conclusion, Rahul Gandhi must understand, even while addressing rural and backward sections, that history is a double-edged sword. His grief and tragedy could be real, but if he tries to generalise political murders, then it will give enough ammunition to the opponent.

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