... and he failed again: Rahul Gandhi makes people laugh and how!

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... and Rahul Gandhi failed yet again!
So Rahul Gandhi, the young Congress politician, decided to turn Bangalore into a state! Wonder where his state of mind is.

And as though the Telangana - Seemandhra division controversy in Andhra pradesh was not enough, this came as a roar of laughter rather than growling anger.

Call it a slip of tongue or whatever, but such a statement and that too at such a crucial time is a big big big disaster!

So not building up further suspense. here's what happened:

In his excitement while giving his speech at Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh, he caught everyone's attention by this sentence: You go to Mumbai and Bangalore to get employment because they are Congress-ruled states. We will provide you work here so you don't have to go there.

And of course! Twitteratti burst out with laughter and shock at this rather hilarious situation.

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