Sabbatical over now: Will ‘rejuvenated’ Rahul Gandhi bring any good to tattered Congress?

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Amidst a lot of theories, Rahul Gandhi's 56-day sabbatical finally came to an end on Thursday. This may have made Congress leaders both happy and sad. Those Congress leaders who were feeling 'left alone' in the absence of their adorable prince will definitely be reveling now. But with Rahul's home coming bad omen may jeopardize some old horses' political career.

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It is being said that Rahul Gandhi will soon be made the Congress president, but the question remains, is he really ready for the post.

Will Rahul Gandhi change Cong's fate?

He met farmers on Saturday, a day before a huge party rally has been planned to corner the Modi government in Delhi. He may have blessings of those farmers who had come to meet him from far off places, but all these efforts will hardly bear fruits till he himself pulls up his socks.

Will sabbatical really change things?

Earlier, when Rahul Gandhi had gone for vacation, he invited ire not only from Opposition but also from his own fellow members. Ironically, his absence got more media attention than his presence. Various theories were propped up about his sabbatical but none of them were confirmed or rejected by the party. Questions were raised that being a future Prime Minister candidate of the Congress party he had taken leave at a time when the Parliament session was on.

Not only that, Rahul Gandhi who earlier claimed that farmers and their grievances were closest to his heart missed the issue in the House. He could become their voice, forcing government to make tangible changes in the Land Bill.

Hopefully during his 'Vipasana', he may have learnt how to rise to the occasion. It will be really interesting to see how this 'introspection time' will help him to regain Congress' old charm again.

Will Rahul Gandhi prove his mettle this time?

Problem with Rahul Gandhi is that he himself doesn't want to change things. Probably, he does things half-heartedly. The biggest enemy, who is not allowing him to make things work for him and the party is 'he' himself.

It hardly matters whether Rahul Gandhi will be elevated or not in the coming days. More important is the fact that Rahul Gandhi should chalk out coherent strategy to prove his mettle which is being questioned every now and then. There are lot of examples within his family who regained heights after hitting lows of their political lives.

Learn from grandmother, mother
To act like a warrior is in your genes. From your grandmother Indira Gandhi to your mother Sonia Gandhi, both proved their mettle on political pitch at a time when they were writing off. They all proved their critics wrong by regaining power with a bang. After emergency, Indira Gandhi who was termed once as 'goongi gudia' was booted out because of her autocratic style of working. But in 1980 election, people again chose her.

You can also learn from your mother Sonia Gandhi who also did something similar. She made Congress win two consecutive times. During these 56 days when you were away, she tried her best to make things work for the party. From protesting against Manmohan Singh's summon in coal scam to bringing all parties on board against the Land Bill, she has been doing a lot.

Dear, Rahul Gandhi after this 'vipasana' of yours, people are expecting to see you in a new avatar and are hoping that probably this time you will not disappoint them. Akin to your predecessors this time you will also prove all your critics wrong and make them believe in your ability.

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