Rahul Gandhi: 'First appearance' or not, a cameo role is always short-lived

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Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi met farmers on Saturday and discussed the land bill. On other days, it would not have been as significant a news but since this was the 44-year-old leader's public appearance after 56 days when he had gone to a mysterical sabbatical, it caught the world' attention. [After 56-day sabbatical, Rahul Gandhi meets farmers]

Rahul Gandhi met several farmers' delegations from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh and also spoke with farmers' representatives at his residence in the capital.


The leader is set to address a massive Kisan rally at the Ramlila Ground tomorrow and the event is being projected as a relaunching of Rahul Gandhi in Indian politics. [Rahul Gandhi's return: Why this confusion is a positive for Congress?]

How many times will Rahul Gandhi be launched and relaunched to make any significant mark on national politics?

Will the farmers really take Rahul Gandhi seriously tomorrow?

And how much successful will be Rahul Gandhi at the rally tomorrow given the fact that he decided to skip the last parliamentary session to go on a mysterious leave and lost the opportunity to take up the matter with the government inside the House? [Why so much noise over Rahul Gandhi's return?]

Will the farmers attending his rally tomorrow feel convinced about his ability to do something worthy for them for Rahul Gandhi is known for his sudden exit from the stage at times.

The drama around Rahul Gandhi has left even senior Congress leaders tired

The Congress's tiring drama around Rahul Gandhi has left its own senior leaders frustrated. Understanding very well that this exercise of launching and relaunching Rahul Gandhi is not taking the party anywhere, these senior leaders who have served in accountable positions like that of the chief minister have threw their weights behind the current president, Sonia Gandhi.

The growing chorus against Rahul Rahul Gandhi's leadership has made evident that time is running out fast for him and even his own partymen are not ready to give him the benefit of doubt for long.

If that is the case, then forget the farmers or the countrymen giving him any benefit of doubt.

Style & substance of speech are not the only limitations of Rahul Gandhi

Besides the inherent disadvantage, Rahul Gandhi has another serious drawback and that is his politico-economic ideology which backs the concepts of doles and subsidies. It is understandable for the politics that his family has practised throughout the decades has spoken about them to ove-emphasise the role of the welfare state.

Rahul Gandhi's political takes also limit his chances against a leader like Narendra Modi

Today, when a regime under Narendra Modi is challenging the status quo to keep in tune with the changing times, it becomes all the more difficult for Rahul Gandhi to establish himself as an alternative leadership. The contradictory takes on subsidised cooking gas cylinders by Rahul Gandhi and Modi explain the unbridgeable gap, more for the former.

Rahul will be more in the headlines tomorrow than the issues in hand

It is not just style and the content of the speech that hampers Rahul Gandhi's growth as a politician. It is also his political thought process and the inherent mindset that puts up obstacles on his way to emerge as a leader.

Tomorrow, Rahul Gandhi will be more in headlines than the land bill or the farmers

The 'first appearance' of tomorrow will keep Rahul Gandhi more in the headlines than either the land bill or the farmers' cause. But even this strategy, if at all it is, will cease to pay off after some time if a serious repair is not done behind the camera.

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