Cong workers celebrate Rahul's return, a welcome gesture or sarcasm

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New Delhi, April 16: Rahul baba is back and people say (on Twitter) (refer to: #RahulReturns: Twitteratti have a gala time as Rahul Gandhi becomes a butt of jokes, yet again!] that Sonia Gandhi may have renewed her Pogo channel subscription. But, we do not intend to be so mean, but the celebrations? Can't imagine Congress workers celebrating so much if Subhash Chandra Bose was back. (Refer to: Why so much noise over Rahul Gandhi's return? He is, afterall, no Subhas Chandra Bose]

But didn't these very workers criticized the party and the higher-ups when it lost the General elections in April last year, where BJP scooped majority of the seats. They were even spotted displaying banners demanding that Priyanka Gandhi to join Congress and revive the party.

Rahul's 'crackling' comeback, a joke?

Not just workers alone, party top brass including Milind Deora and Priya Dutt appeared to criticise the party after the steep slide from power during the general elections.

Deora said,"Field party work and electoral battles are key to comprehend ground realities. This should form the basis for leadership posts in Congress. Those with no electoral experience were calling the shots in the party and those taking advice should also bear responsibility."

However, he went ahead and justified his stance saying,"My comments are out of emotions of deep loyalty to the party, pain of our performance & a sincere desire to see us bounce back. Nothing more."

Backing Deora's views, two-time MP Priya Dutt said,"there is disconnect between people on the ground and top leaders. The top leadership should take opinion from a wide range of people and MPs."

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Digvijay Singh, the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress, had said that Rahul should have done more for the party and that his campaigning was not enough. Sheila Dikshit, the ex-chief minister of Delhi was reported saying,"..(in case of) Rahul, of course, there is a question mark, there is skepticism because you have not seen him perform as yet." Though she denied having said that later, the point was sent across.

Congress leader in Punjab, Amarinder Singh, was heard hinting vaguely at the party weakness. He said,"suggested Sonia Gandhi to continue as party president because she was the only force that could keep the party together."

So, will Rahul coming back make any difference to these people? Apparently yes since they still belong to that party, if they believed in political ethics.

Considering that the views and the feelings percolate to the lower hierarchy too, are the celebrations just a show of appreciation that the long-absent party vice-president is finally back and that the party workers have now been spared the horror of answering the awkward questions about his whereabouts.

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