Pics: 14 uncomfortable questions and how our politicians will react

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The politicians of India are interesting characters. They are generally serious, while taking on the opposition, but yet sometimes they say things that people find exhilarating. Sometimes the words entertain us while at other times, it is the unbreakable silence.

How do our politicians react when they are asked questions which are certainly not their favourite? Here is a look:

Nitish ji, don't you want to become the prime minister of India?

Nitish Kumar: No... err... yes... I mean... Chalo yaar, will talk later.

Netaji, do you think that your son has failed as a CM?

Mulayam Singh: Why ask me these sorts of questions yaar? Ask me something about 'communal' Narendra Modi so that I can speak freely.

Rahul ji, don't you want to be the prime minister of India? Tell us the truth

Rahul Gandhi: Oh God! These people are always after me! Where are you grandma and dad?

Manmohanji, why don't you talk a little more?

Manmohan Singh: "..."

Beniji, why don't you speak a little less?

Beni Prasad Verma: Do you want me to apologise like this? I won't do it and will expose Mulayam Singh. I know what he had done in 1955... bla bla bla (interviewer flees)

Advaniji, people call you the former future prime minister, your views on that

Advani: He he... hi hi... what to say (I would have if I could have become the PM)

Didi, will you join the Third Front having the CPM?

Mamata Banerjee: Get out! How dare you ask these questions to me? All conspiracy by the CPM...!

Karatji, when will revolution start in India?

Prakash Karat: Wait. Let us first stand on our feet.

Soniaji, why are you not satisfied with the Indian medical science?

Sonia Gandhi: Gosh... Italy is such a better place to live!

Raj ji, when will you become the chief minister of Maharashtra?

Raj Thackeray: Pata nahi (cries)... will have to see when that's possible (assures the man beside). As of now, we want no Biharis in Maharashtra.

Laluji, when will you be back? Your cows are waiting

Lalu Prasad: Pehle khana, fir ghar jana. Don't disturb me dude. I had too much of fodder. Now time for some jail ka chawal..

Digvijay ji, what you plan to speak against Narendra Modi next?

Digvijay Singh: Wait. Let me think. Anyhow, my Twitter account has crashed because of too many statements that I make. (Is Twitter pro-BJP?)

Mayaji, do you think yourself as the Dalit Queen Elizabeth?

Mayawati: Well said man... will give you a ticket for the next Lok Sabha polls. Where is Satish?

Modi ji, will you scrap Art 370 if you become the PM?

Narendra Modi: Hmm... let's see.

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