Priya Pillai testimony aimed rating India at a very low level

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There have been several Indian activists who have protested against the Government. However what is the difference between those several activists and Priya Pillai of Greenpace?

Priya Pillai who was recently offloaded while she was on her way to the United Kingdom is one of the few Indian activists who decided and also agreed to depose before a committee of a foreign parliament.

Priya Pillai testimony could hurt India

There have been many other Indian activists such as Admiran Ramdas, Aruna Roy and Praful Bidwai who have relied on India's "Vibrant Democracy" and protested through dharnas, approached Indian courts and even petitioned state and central governments about the issue.

These are the contents in the affidavit filed by the Union Government before the Delhi High Court in response to a petition filed by Priya Pillai. She had challenged her offloading following an Intelligence Bureau look out circular. Priya Pillai was on her way to the United Kingdom on January 11th to depose about the rights of the tribal people in Mahan, Madhya Pradesh.

Priya Pillai actions prejudicial to national interest

The affidavit makes it clear that her visit to the UK was prejudicial to national interest. The affidavit states that all reports from various commissions and countries feed on each other and quote each other. This creates a circular documentation. The US, UK and the European Union have mentioned in their government documents that such reports are made and used as an instrument of foreign policy.

The affidavit quotes instances where such instruments have been used against Russia, Iran and North Korea. Such reports have a direct impact on the growth of a country.

When such reports are being prepared against another country, the statements by activists are taken into account. Ironically the version of the Government of India or even the high commission are not taken into account when such a report is prepared, the affidavit also states.

False depiction of India

The affidavit further hits out at Priya Pillai stating that her testimony would have a global effect. Such a testimony would lead to false depiction of India's efforts to protect the tribals and their rights. When the government of India is inviting foreign investments such acts of deposing before a committee in foreign countries would hurt India's image abroad.

The look out circular that was issued by the Intelligence Bureau was the one that led to her being offloaded from the plane. The IB had a clear indication that the British Parliamentary Committee report was to use her testimony to rate India at a very low level.

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