Prime Minister wishes ‘all the best’ to students ahead of exams

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Today, on the occasion of National Science Day Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his "Mann Ki Baat" programme called for the citizens to firmly resolve to make science and technology an essential part of their lives. The theme for this year's National Science Day is "Make in India-science and technology driven innovations."

Reflecting upon the significance of this day in the history of India when Dr. C V Raman announced his path breaking finding- the Raman Effect, which earned him a Nobel Prize, the Prime Minister stressed on the need for every generation to focus on innovation, science and technology for the upliftment of mankind.

PM Narendra Modi

Shri Modi also highlighted the recent discovery of Gravitational Waves, calling it to be a very far reaching achievement for science and congratulating Indian scientist who have made important contributions in this landmark discovery. He also said that the government has decided to establish a Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) in India.

On the 17th edition of "Mann ki baat", Shri Modi was joined by renowned Indian scientist and Bharat Ratna awardee Dr. C.N.R. Rao from Bangalore, ‘Little Master' Sachin Tendulkar and India's first grandmaster Viswanathan Anand in reaching out to the nation especially at a time when many students will be appearing for their Board exams commencing tomorrow.

Addressing the students Sachin asked them to prepare well for their upcoming exams and set realistic goals for themselves to achieve and not be burdened under the expectations of others. He said that with time expectations will increase as it happened with him, and he dealt with the rising expectations by setting achievable targets for himself.

World Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand dwelled on the importance of a good night's sleep, and a full stomach before taking on any exam, saying: "The most important thing is to stay calm. It's very very similar to the game of chess. When you play you don't know which problems will appear just like in a class you don't know which question will appear in an exam. So if you stay calm, and you are well and have slept well, then you will find your brain recalls the right answer at the right moment."

Sharing his views that exams go much better than feared Anand urged students to be confident and wished them all the very best for their upcoming exams.

Dr C.N.R. Rao addressed the students by saying that there are many opportunities for them in the country, and asking them not to forget that they are the children of the universe. With determination, confidence and tenacity the students will be successful in life.

The Prime Minister also said that tomorrow there will be an examination for him too taken by 125 crore citizens as Union budget will be presented in Parliament.

Urging parents, teachers and even senior students to form a supportive environment for the students, as it was difficult for a student alone to face the examination challenge, the Prime Minister called for a team effort, from all of them to ensure that students do well in the exams.

Here are a few glimpses of PM Modi's address:

For listening to the "Mann ki baat" programme in regional languages, a telephone number 8190881908 was also announced, which will start operating from tomorrow.

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