Priyanka denies but posters in Allahabad say, it is Rahul Vs Priyanka now

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Poster in Allahabad saying its time for Priyanka to join Congress
While Priyanka Gandhi has been denying that she is not taking the intense speculation about her taking up a significant post in the Congress, some posters in Allahabad are saying something else.

Within a span of one week, two sets of conflicting posters have been seen in Allahabad. While one poster, Priyanka has been asked to assume responsibility in the Congress, another advised her to take care of her home.

One poster read, "Ab chalegi Rahul ki andhi, Rahul Gandhi hai doosra Mahatma Gandhi', and another said 'Priyanka samhalo grahasthi ki kamaan, Rahul samhalo Congress ki kamaan. '

Why the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi is silent on this issue?

Earlier a banner put out in Allahabad a couple of days back read, "Congress ka Moon, Priyanka is coming soon (The key face of Congress Priyanka is joining politics soon)".

As per a TOI report, local Congressman Mohammed Aslam's poster have followed a series of other such posters put up by Youth Congress leaders Haseeb Ahmed and Shirish Chandra Dubey in recent months.

From referring to Priyanka as "Congress Ka Moon", to being declared the party's saviour when "mother Sonia has taken ill and brother Rahul is busy", Allahabad Congressmen appear to be bending over backwards to please the high command. With just one problem: They don't know who to pitch for."

Political mileage or Political divide?

With these rumours, one more thing that has come to fore is the political divide within the grand old party of India. Where on one side the party men are supporting Priyanka, there are those who are calling them mere rumours.

Lending credence to all these speculations, Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza had said that the party wants all three members of Gandhi family to take leadership role.

"Everybody from all over India want that all members of Gandhi family should come in politics. We want that all three of them should take the leadership role in the party (hum chaahte hain ki tinon party ki kamaan samhale)," Oza had said.

Even senior Congress leader and a Gandhi family loyalist Oscar Fernandes had said that Priyanka should have a more active role in the Congress and said, "Rahul is vice-president of the party, Sonia is president. Another member of the Gandhi family would strengthen the party."

Where a few leaders are saying that Priyanka's role would not be of replacing Rahul but supplementing him in running the party, others are saying that Priyanka should take control of the reins of Congress to bring it back.

The point which is still not clear is whether this is a case of political divide or political mileage?

Why is Sonia Gandhi silent?

Putting a lid on all the speculations that Priyanka will join the Congress either as a general secretary in the AICC or as chief of UP Congress, she issued a statement and said, "I would be very grateful to all concerned if they desisted from encouraging such baseless rumours."

But despite her issuing a statement, what everyone is asking is why the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi is silent and has yet not said anything on the issue.

Ever since the party suffered a defeat in the 2014 general elections, voices have grown louder within the Congress and have drummed support for different members of the Gandhi family to take over the leadership to bring the dead Congress back to life.

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