Poll-bound states: TN far safer than Kerala for women & children

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Kerala, the most literate state in India, is witnessing a fast growth of crimes against women, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

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Tamil Nadu, Kerala's neighbour and also going to the Assembly elections along with latter on May 16, on the other hand, has a much lesser rate of crime against women, says the NCRB. [Click here to see NCRB maps on crime in India - 2014]


In 2014, Kerala's rate of crime against women was 63 per lakh population, which is higher than the national average of 56.3. Tamil Nadu's corresponding figure is just 18.4, less than a third of that of Kerala. [Dalit woman raped, murdered in Kerala]

Crime against kids: Kerala worse than TN

In comparison in rate of crimes against children, too, Kerala registers 25.6 per lakh child population against Tamil Nadu's 11.7.

In both crimes against women and children, Delhi tops the list with a disappointing 169.1 and 166.9 per lakh population, respectively.

Crime against SCs and STs: TN far better than Kerala

In rate of crimes against Scheduled Castes also, Kerala's score is 26.8, which is more than the national average of 23.4 and Tamil Nadu's 10.7.

Tamil Nadu also scores far better in crime rate against Scheduled Tribes. While its score is just 2.3 per lakh population, Kerala's figure is almost 14 times higher at 27.8. The national average is just 11, according to the NCRB.

Arrest rate under IPC: Kerala fares better than TN

In terms of arrest rate under the IPC, Kerala's score is 705 per one lakh people. Tamil Nadu's score is 380.7. The national average is 304.7. The rate of IPC crimes in Kerala is 585.3 per lakh population while it is 280.9 in Tamil Nadu. The national average is 229.2.

Kidnapping & abduction: Kerala does better

In case of kidnapping and abduction, however, it is Tamil Nadu which fares worse. Its rate is 2.5 as against Kerala's 0.6. The national average is 6.2.

In violent crimes, too, Kerala did worse than Tamil Nadu. While it has seen 32.5 violent crimes per lakh population, in Tamil Nadu, it is 18.5. The national average is 26.6.

Crime against property: Kerala does better than TN

Tamil Nadu's record was more disappointing than that of Kerala in the rate of crime against property. While it is 28.2 for the former per lakh population, it is 26 in the case of Kerala. The national average is 48.3.

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