Political stalemate in Delhi: Why BJP should not accept Jung's invitation of forming Govt

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Najeeb Jung
Delhi's political crisis will soon get over, it seems. As per reports, Delhi lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung is likely to invite the Bharatiya Janata Party to form Government in national capital. Jung has submitted a report regarding political stalemate and asked for President's permission for inviting BJP. Though the saffron party is short of majority but sources says that they are toying with the idea. The national capital is currently under President rule since February 17, when Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party had resigned after remaining in power merely for 49 days.

Tale of AAP

The fledgling party had formed the government after taking support of Congress party. Though detractor slammed AAP chief Kejriwal for his hypocrisy of joining hands with dynasty party. He had once sweared on his children that his party will not take support of corrupt Congress party.

AAP had came to power with bang and within days announced flurries of promises to Delehities right from free water to electricity. But after facing heat for not coming up to the expectations of people, party called it a day.

And the reason they gave was, as party couldn't able to pass crucial Jan Lokpal Bill so it had no moral right to remain in power. Though they tried to exploit this 'martyrdom' philosophy to best of their efforts in Lok Sabha election but that didn't worked at all.

They were completely rejected in Parliamentary poll and couldn't secure even a single seat in national capital. Only consolation prize was winning two seats in Punjab.

BJP has not got required numbers

AAP had won 28 seats while BJP along with its ally SAD had got 32 seats in 70 member Assembly. After three MLAs of BJP Harsh Vardhan,Ramesh Bidhuri and Pervesh Verma got elected in Parliamentary election, BJP's total strength currently is 28 which including SAD MLA becomes 29. But then total strength of the house also comes down to 67. So more than half mark will be 34, that mean the saffron party still needs 5 MLAs support.

It seems, party itself is in state of fix as leaders are speaking in different tunes. BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh said, "There is possibility, state unit will consider on basis of numbers". When asked about whether they are contemplating about this, Delhi BJP president Satish Upadhyay said, " Our numbers are still less. We don't know who will give us support. When the invitation comes, we will think about it".

Horse trading charges will be vindicated

BJP's quandary could be understood as it has not the required number for forming the Government.If the saffron party will form the Government, definitely it will give opposition the fodder to take on the party. AAP in recent past has charged BJP so many times for horse trading like obnoxious practices. Arvind Kejriwal had openly said that saffron party was offering 20 crore to many of the AAP MLAs.

Let's face the people again- What BJP is afraid about?

Both AAP and Congress keep on saying that saffron party has no courage to face the people. Taking swipe at BJP, Arvinder Singh Lovely who is Delhi Congress chief said, "party is definitely running away from elections in Delhi". Slamming party for not facing people, AAP leader and former state law minister Somnath Bharti said. "If BJP at all forms govt, it would be the death of democracy. I'll shave off my head to mark that".

Question is why BJP is jittery about facing people again?. They should confidently say that yes we are ready for election and let's election will end this stalemate.

Let's assume BJP will not get required number of seats after election, but then that will be a learning lesson for them which will really be helpful in other State elections. It will teach them that there is no place of complacency in politics. And if it wins comfortably then it can brag about them that people still love them.

Let's AAP Congress face the humiliation again

BJP has got golden chance to further make both Congress and AAP prospect dim. It's strategy should be to prod people religiously convincing them that Delhi already had witnessed the way these group of vested interest ruled . So now up to them whether they want that doldrums like government or a stable Government like Modi's one at Centre. BJP can lists out achievements of Modi Government in 100 days and promise them that they will replicate them again after coming in power in Delhi.

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