Pics: Now, Pappupedia makes fun of Rahul Gandhi!

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There is no doubt that before Lok Sabha elections 2014, there won't be 'big fights' between the main rival national political parties- the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP).

To add fuel to the face-off between these two parties, the social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are already being used by the supporters of their respective parties.

It's a fact that, these days, the latest trend is whenever any news breaks out, then common people including politicians vent out their feelings on Twitter to target their rivals.

The race to win the next general elections has already started as both the parties are busy in heating-up their election campaigns. Apart from addressing huge rallies in every corner of the country as well as using social media, many other methods of defaming the politicians of rival parties are being used.

Politicians should refrain from indulging in cheap politics.

One such example is the launch of a website called-

The website, that is obviously launched by his critics, is targeted at the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and is designed in the same format as that of a Wikipedia page. The contents in the "Pappupedia" make fun of Rahul Gandhi, and on the top shows the caricature of the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi with a quote saying, "We indulge in scams because we need money for Pappu's brain transplant. You can help us mend our ways by donating"

The website also features "Pappu Gyaan", "Testimonials for Pappu", "Yo Pappu so dumb", "Pappu in action" and many other topics to defame Rahul Gandhi.

It also shows some of the videos of Rahul Gandhi and his name has been replaced by the word "Pappu".

Before the elections, the parties must engage in healthy debates and highlight their strengths as well as take on their rival parties in a graceful and decent manner, and should refrain from indulging in cheap politics, whether it is BJP or Congress or any other regional political party.

Here's taking a look at some of the caricatures designed on the "Pappupedia" page:

Pappupedia makes fun of Rahul Gandhi!

The top-left part of the page shows the caricature of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and on the right side, there is a caricature of the party's president Sonia Gandhi.

Pappupedia makes fun of Rahul Gandhi!

This cartoon of the Rahul Gandhi along with other Congress ministers has the title of- "RahulBaba40Chor", on the "Pappupedia" website.

Pappupedia makes fun of Rahul Gandhi!

In this image, Rahul Gandhi is shown in a way whether he is intelligent than a fifth grader?

Pappupedia makes fun of Rahul Gandhi!

This cartoon features the Congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi and it is titled as "Dumb and Danger".

Pappupedia makes fun of Rahul Gandhi!

In this cartoon, Rahul Gandhi is seen as sitting on the money amassed by various scams under the UPA-rule. It says that "we have amassed enough in last 10 years!"

Pappupedia makes fun of Rahul Gandhi!

This map shows the family history of the Gandhis and their educational details.

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