(Pics) Nirbhaya rape case verdict, key takeaways

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New Delhi, Sept 11: The December 16 Delhi gangrape case has involved the public, the media, the politics, and the law to an extent of 'point of no return'. Judgement will happen and it will happen for the best of nation's interest. But what have we learnt from this 9 month-long wait and 130 hearings?

Women not safe in India

Very true and supporting the statement are the subsequent rape cases even after the gangrape case in New Delhi. The Mumbai gangrape case and others that have reported in these 9 months were nothng less to being brutal. And surprisingly, the brutest of the brutes were juveniles in all the cases. Blame it on the mindset of the people or the society, women are yet to get a free society to live in.

No hope of Juvenile law reforms

There are no signs of change in the Juvenile trial regulations. In the Nirbhaya case, the most ruthless among the rapists was a juvenile at the time of the crime, but was just given a rehabilitation for 3 years. The MUmbai rape case is also a case in point, where there is a debate going on over the trial of the juvenile.

Police and state administrations can work fast if they want

Yes they can, it's just the lack of motivation, perhaps, that leads to delay in police functioning. The Delhi police worked relentlessly to nab the culprits and bring them to justice in Nirbhaya case. Simultaneously, a fast-track court was set up and the hearings began immediately after the rapists were held. This is probably the rarest of rare case when judgement on a case was not deferred for years along.

People's demand still rule

The police and th elaw were pressurized by the media and the people for a fast-track verdict. Protests, both silent and candle-lit, sent out messages of contempt for the incident, sympathy for the victim's family and pressure on the Indian judiciary. Although the judgement has been deferred by a day or two, one can see protestors lining up before the court vicinity awaiting the verdict.

Dental marks are forensic proof

It is probably the first time in a rape case that dental records were used to prove the conviction of the rapists. Bite marks on the victim's body that were left by the accused matched and were used before the court by the prosecution.

In New Delhi

Photographers try to click pictures of four men accused in the Dec 16 Delhi bus gang rape case, as they are brought in bus for a hearing at a court in New Delhi on Tuesday. All the accused were convicted by the court.

Demand for death

Protesters stage a mock hanging scene to demand death sentence for four men after the four accused of Delhi gang rape case were convicted by a court, in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The media clamour

Media outside the Saket District Court during a hearing in Dec 16 Delhi gang rape case, in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The juvenile accused in the December16 gangrape and murder

The juvenile accused in the December16 gangrape and murder of paramedical student, is escorted after he was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board in New Delhi.

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