To those who wanted to leave India if Modi became PM: We will miss you

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People who could not digest Modi as PM
New Delhi, May 16: Chest thumping gone, lanterns burnt out, palms clasped in prayer, while Modi posts on his 'Victory wall'. There were some from the opposition and the other parties, like the RJD, that claimed Modi can never be the PM and if he did, they would leave India forever. One of them being actor-turned-politician and a big flop for the SP government at the Lok Sabha elections-Kamal R Khan who can be seen happily clicking pictures onboard a plane, claiming to leave the country forever.

Popular on micro-blogging sites, Kamal Khan in his last Tweet said,"Modi Ji has won so I am leaving India forever with Shoaib Akhtar. Bye Bye India. Good bye India forever. I will miss my country n lovely sweet ppl."

Second in line was author and Jnanpith awardee Kannada writer Dr UR Ananthamurthy who said he will not live in this country with Narendra Modi as the Prime MInister, triggering angry reactions from BJP. He had said,"Gujarat chief minister would create fear among people if he becomes Prime Minister. I would not want to live in a country where Modi is the Prime Minister."

Although he revoked his statement just after, he is still being tracked for his reactions after Modi had a landslide win.

Discounting any 'Modi Wave' was Deve Gowda too. A former Prime Minister and JD(S) Supremo, Gowda announced as a news conference in Shimoga that he shall leave Karnataka state if Modi becomes the PM. The 81-year old leader had said he would leave politics and Karnataka state and settle somewhere else.

In a similar reaction, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav had said that he would change his name if Modi became the Prime Minister. Unfortunately, he himself projects a sorry face as his entire family lost to the opposition in Pataliputra (Misa Bharti) and Sarang (Rabri Devi).

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