Patna stampede : Who is responsible for loss of innocent lives?

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Patna Stampede
Merrymaking event turned into worst nightmare for lakhs of people who had gone to see gala event of Dussehra celebration in Patna's popular Gandhi Maidan on Friday night. More than 33 people, mostly women and children have died in this stampede which took place largely due to lackluster security arrangement of State Government.

Human lives worth merely Rs 2-3 lakhs?

Heart-rending scenes were seen at the site as hundreds of footwear lay strewn on a1-km stretch of road on the South-East corner of Maidan. Pain and agony could be seen on people face after losing their loved one in stampede.

The biggest irony is, every years such incidence happen and every time administration put up same banal statements. Each time they express deep anguish and through away few lakhs rupees . By doing that, they indirectly put up message that their responsibility is limited to this much only and they are worth of Rs 2-3 lakhs merely.

Last year also lives of 37 people were gulped down by railway tragedy in Saharsa district. Before that, in 2012 more than 12 people were died in Chhath puja stampede. But unfortunately, Government didn't learn any lesson.

Bihar CM Manjhi wasn't aware until Home Minister informed

It is really shocking that Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi was not aware till Home Minister informed him about the tragedy. The Law and order is State subject and in spite of that head of the State was not aware and informed by Central Government. This is how State Government works?

Then it is being said that Manji had left the site few hours before only in spite of that such a lackluster security arrangements.why?

Gandhi Maidan is popular for big mass gathering events and Dussehra is celebrated here with much frolic every year. When it is known fact that Lakhs of people will definitely turn up in the event, why no proper arrangements were made by State Government.

But, incumbent Minister Manjhi has no time to look into this serious issues, instead he stores all his energy for raking up controversies. Recently he tried to score brownie point by saying he has been a victim of bias against "mahadalits".

Why nobody is accountable-police, administration?

Each time such tragedy hits the headline we all express deep sorrow, talk for some days and then this moves into oblivion. Media also thrives on this human tragedy for couple of days till their TRP drops steep down. Why nobody talks about accountability. Mere money can't fetch back someone's son, daughter, husband life back. I have my doubt that whether probe report is seriously been taken or not.

If yes why such incidences still continue?

Remembering this tragedy, an eye witness said that only 2 gates were opened and not a single cops were present on the southern side of the Gandhi Maidan to regulate traffic and movement of people. "People were desperately jostling with each other to exit from only two out of the 11 gates at the sprawling maidan kept open for the purpose," Manish Kumar said.

Apart from this no lighting arrangements, security set up for tackling crowds were there at the ground. What would happen if terrorist would have planned an attack?

It's complete failure of State Government. They have lost all moral right to rule the people because they least care for their plight. Administration should understand the fact that it is because of people they are in power. They must not take them lightly. It is really unfortunate that Manjhi's predecessor Nitish Kumar has yet not got time to give statement.

It seems days are over for JDU Government in Bihar who is reveling in power. It's time they should be shown the exit door in coming Assembly election.

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