Pathankot, 26/11: When Pakistani attackers die in style, in health and smelling good

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Entering India is cheesecake for Pakistani terrorists and their handlers. At least that is what has been proved time and again when India was attacked on several occassions prior to the Pathankot attacks. All you need is a vulnerable police officer with a cook and a jeep, a pair of wire clippers, few packets of dry fruits and perfume (Itar). That easy, you see.

Certainly, the terrorists wanted to die smelling good. The recent revelations in the Pathankot attacks got media whirling when voils of perfumes or itars were discovered from the site. With all due respect to a foreign culture, is this the new trend?

Terror attacks

Dry fruits to keep going

Our attackers are no Tom, Dick and Harry. They eat healthy and die healthy. Remember the bag full of dry fruits (among AK 47s) that were recovered from Kasab's gang during the 26-11 Mumbai terror attacks?

The Gurudaspur attackers too carried Pakistani-branded mewa to keep them going and so did the Pathankot perpetrators. Barring the signature mark, the fruits now help the investigative agencies determine how long the terrorists were here to stay. Baba Vanga, are you listening?

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Surprisingly, the investigators reached the same conclusion as we did. The terrorists in 26/11 and the Gurdaspur attacks were here to stay with long-lasting stockpile of food packets. A similar attack in Jammu and Kashmir in Dec 2014 checks the trend of Pakistani terrorists planning a sustained, coordinated attacks every time they come to India.

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However, on a serious note, the markings on the packets do provide us a lead everytime (forget what Pakistan has to say about this). The investigative agencies still have something to say.

Bags, new clothes and gadgets

Ajmal Kasab, the blue-eyed terrorist of the NIA and the intelligence agencies in India, in his statement had revealed that he was lured into the job. Belonging to the family of daily wage labourers, Kasab lost the battle to poverty and his demanding siblings. He said that he left home to join the LeT in the hope of getting food, new clothes and gadgets. But, he did not know he will have to pay a hefty price for it.

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That is the catch point. Intelligence experts have revealed that terrorism thrives in poverty and the urgency to get out of it. Psychologically, it overtakes the fear of death and the willingness to earn a living by straight means.

Now that we know what our terrorists want-to die the death of a brazen hero-Intelligence agencies can now watermark their targets more easily. @ISI, high time you changed the tactic. We are getting bored now!

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