Pakistan plays ‘word war’ with India, hurts itself

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Provocative statements kept coming from Pakistan after India's surgical strike in Myanmar this week. Many militants were killed in the operation carried out by Indian security officials in Myanmar.

Pakistan's reaction has affirmed that Islamabad is rattled by the recent turn of events.

Pakistan plays ‘word war’ with India

Statements including ‘Myanmar is not Pakistan'; ‘Pakistan is a nuclear weapons state', etc., have recently appeared on both Indian and Pakistani media.

Former president and military ruler Pervez Musharraf accused India of destabilising Pakistan, he said nuclear weapons are for the defence of the country and not for "celebratory" occasion.

"Don't attack us, don't challenge our territorial integrity because we are not a small power, we're a major and nuclear power. Don't push us," Musharraf was quoted as saying.

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Federal minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said India should not mistake Pakistan for Myanmar, adding"our armed forces are fully capable of responding to any foreign aggression and Indian leaders should stop daydreaming".

From Myanmar to Bangladesh to Sri Lanka and even China, India's ties with its neighbours - with the exception of Pakistan - are getting warmer.

With the world becoming more pro-India and some of our neighbours following suit, Pakistan may now realise that anti-India activity could hurt it.

Has these statements by Pakistani leaders made it clear that it is supporting terrorism against India? The success of this operation has prompted them to be provocative.

Musharraf and Nisar Ali Khan's statement has not tainted Pakistan's image?

Indian army under the supervision of the National Security Advisor carried a daring raid against northeastern militant groups based within Myanmar.

Acknowledgement that India's special forces entered Myanmar for the strike - carried out in retaliation for a militant ambush that killed 18 soldiers in Manipur on June 4 came from minister of state Rajyavardhan Rathore, who said the troops had gone "deep" into the neighbouring country, Hindustan Times report.

According to media reports, 22 to 50 militants were killed when the special forces hit two militant camps. Several more were believed to have been injured.

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