Pak's 'handshake' a doubleplay? Gujarat among prime targets now!

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New Delhi, Oct 3:Clearly, Pakistan is doing a double play. When Nawaz Sharif shakes hands with the Indian Premier Dr Manmohan Singh, he shakes the conscience and the security of the people across the border back in India.

A recent report by Times Now reveals that Pakistan is pushing more terrorists in India and they are planning a conspiracy that India might regret for ages. In fact, they are planning a hit out at some of the major cities in India, mostly in Gujarat, apart from Delhi and Mumbai.

The Shala Bhata and the Keran sector debate

In a press interview of the Army chief yesterday, he had snubbed all rumors of army infiltration in the Keran sector saying that he had inspected the area himself and that neither any posts or villages were overpowered by the Pakistan army.

On the contrary, intelligence reports reveal that Pakistan has deployed trained terrorist units in India and they are gradually penetrating the Indian territory.

In fact, a MAC report highlights that the IM infiltration has already started on September 23rd when there was an escalation of gun battle between the Indian and the Pakistani army. Although 12 militants were killed, the rest of the 30-40 strong are untraceable.

While the combing operations are on, it is still unclear why the Army denied the infiltration (ruling out any possibility of the MAC report not reaching the Army).

Is politics at play?

Not sure, but seniors in the Indian defence system believe that "things are not right". Sources question why the Prime minister was not informed about the proceedings here when he was out in New York discussing peace with Nawaz Sharif.

And even if the Prime Minister was informed, did he talk to Nawaz Sharif about it? Not sure whether the Indian government has a role to play, but of what we can understand is that Pakistan, perhaps, is lulling India into believing that the former is dedicated to the peace mission. And in that mask, it is giving terror attack plans in India a shape.

The debate is never ending, but bothering!

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