Pakistan's chacha who wanted to bleed India out on bail

Written by: Vicky Nanjappa
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In a shocking development, a Pakistan court has granted bail to Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, 26/11 mastermind and close aide of Hafiz Saeed. The bail has been granted at a time when the Lashkar-e-Tayiba (let) chief Hafiz Saeed made an open statement warning India against attacks.

Lakhvi is one of the closest aides of Saeed. In fact he was only second in the command of the Lashkar after Saeed. His name had figured in every possible investigation that was conducted post 26/11. Kasab, David Headley and Abu Jundal had all named the man stating that he was the one who was the over all in charge of the 26/11 attack while Saeed was the ideological brain behind the incident.

Lakhvi gets bail after Hafiz's threat

Still wanted in India:

Lakhvi who nurtured the likes of Kasab and was the brain behind the operation is still wanted in India. The National Investigating Agency which was given the responsibility of probing the case shows him as a wanted on its list.

Lakhvi goes by the following aliases- Chachaji @ Chhota Chachaji @ Chhota Chacha @ Zakir Rehman Lakvi @ Zaki Ur-Rehman Lakvi @ Kaki Ur-Rehman @ Zakir Rehman @ Abu Waheed @ Irshad Ahmad @ Arshad

The man behind bleed India:

Lakhvi prior to his arrest had told all his cadres that the 26/11 attack was just the beginning. He said that the lashkar planned on carrying out a series of attacks which he termed as the bleed India campaign. Even Abu Jundal when questioned said that it was not Saeed but Lakhvi who called the shots in the Lashkar.

Kasab during his questioning had referred to him as chacha. Further it was also said that during the course of the entire operation, Lakhvi was in the 26/11 command room in Pakistan giving orders. He was present right there from the beginning to the end of the opereation, both Kasab and Jundal who was present with Lakhvi told the interrogators.

The Murdike convention:

The importance of Lakhvi was seen for the first time during the Murdike convention of 1999. During that three day convention he had preached to all the Fidayeens the importance of bleeding India. He said that it is only with strikes against India can they gain the confidence of the Kashmir people who are relying on them for freedom. It is time to teach India a lesson he had said.

Apart from this very important convention, he had also overseen the Bombay train blasts of 2006 which was then followed by the 26/11 attack.

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