Pak boat - Specific operation by Pakistan

Written by: Vicky Nanjappa
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Bengaluru, Jan 3: The theory of a second boat has been debunked by the agencies who say that the specific intelligence they had was only pertaining to one boat. It was a specific operation by the Pakistanis and they wanted to be as specific as possible and wanted to ensure that this boat reached its destination.

Pak boat - Specific operation by Pakistan

Coast guard denies second boat:

The Coast Guard made it clear that there was no second boat involved in this mission. We had inputs regarding just one boat which we managed to track yesterday informed Coast Guard North West region commander Kuldip Singh.

Right from the time the first input was picked up there was information regarding just one boat. This was the boat we tracked all day before finally cornering it the Coast Guard commander also pointed out.

Where was the boat headed:

An officer with the intelligence bureau said that there are several aspects being probed. Whether it was trying to sail down South or drop arms at Porbandar ahead of the Vibrant Gujarat celebrations are being investigated.

It was a specific operation that was being undertaken from Pakistan and we can confirm that‎ the four men were not smugglers or fishermen. We are also trying to ascertain if these men were on a suicide mission or were they trying to drop off explosives, the officer further informed.

Who handled the four men?

The four men on the boat were in constant touch with a handler in Karachi. Whether he was a handler from a terror outfit or a former naval officer is being checked.

Pakistan normally deploys it's former officers to train terrorists. In the 26/11 case former naval officers of Pakistan were involved in maritime training. It could be the same in this case too.

Pak navy assist in terror maritime ops:

Normally terror groups seek the help of the navy in Pakistan while giving boats or vessels into Indian waters. It is the navy which established a control room and this explains the precision with which they are able to guide these vessels.

In the existing case they did not manage to read the situation and were clueless about the tracking that was on by India. The Dornier aircraft tracking the boat was instructed not to fly too low as it could catch the attention.

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