Pak boat on suicide mission- Target was Porbandar naval facility

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On December 14th 2014 counter intelligence officials picked up information that Pakistan based operatives were planning a suicide mission on the Porbandar naval facility.

A team of the counter intelligence officials who were working on this information since the past 15 days had coordinated with the Coast Guard and all the intercepts suggested that something big was being planned on the Porbandar naval facility.


Explosives confirmed:

Sources tell OneIndia that the boat which had come into the Indian waters was laden with explosives. The chatter picked up by the National Technical Research Organisation and also the analysis of the incident prove that the boat was laden with explosives.

It was a clear suicide mission and the the four men on the boat had planned on blowing themselves up at the Porbandar naval facility intelligence gathering and analysis has suggested.

Satellite phones:

The four men on the boat had satellite phones with them. They were constantly in touch with a handler in Karachi and were updating them with minute to minute details.

The four men were also taking instructions from a person in Karachi who was well versed with maritime details. Whether the handler was part of the Pakistan navy or a former officer is something that we are looking into an officer informed.

Boatmen attempted to return:

Operational details of the incident also suggest that the four persons on the boat did not try to challenge the Indian Coast Guard. They attempted to return to Pakistan waters, but were cornered.

They had come ten kilometers into the Indian waters. They did not attempt to open fire on the ICG, but tried making a retreat back into Pakistan waters. During the final moments of the operation the four men were instructed to either try and return to Pakistan waters or blow the entire boat up.

Suicide mission:

It is becoming more and more evident that these men were on a suicide mission. The intent as per the investigations and the intercepts suggest that they had planned on reaching the Porbandar naval facility and blowing themselves up.

The four men made their advent into the Indian seas from Keti Bunder which is along the Karachi coast with an explosives laden boat. They were instructed to reach the Porbandar naval facilty and blow the boat up immediately.

Coast on high alert:

The coastal areas across the country have been placed on high alert following this incident. The agencies want to take no chances and also do not rule out the possibility of a similar attempt being elsewhere.

There is plenty of tension along the border areas with Pakistan opening incessant fire on the Indian forces. This sort of aggression is seen across the border only when Pakistan is planning is planning something major.

Moreover with the high profile visit by the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama coming up, Pakistan based terrorists will try their best to carry out a strike in a bid to embarrass India.

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