OneIndia Exclusive: Arvind Kejriwal is a “dramatist”, everything he does is pre-planned: Vinod Binny

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Arvind Kejriwal became a household name for his struggle against corruption and later shocked everyone last year after taking oath as the second youngest chief minister of Delhi. The Aam Aadmi Party convenor became a celebrity overnight after taking over as Delhi CM, but as per his once close associate and former Delhi MLA Vinod Kumar Binny, Kejriwal is a big dramatist and whatever he does is based on a pre-written 'script'.

In an exclusive interview to OneIndia, the former MLA from Delhi's Lakshmi Nagar constituency, Binny, said everything that Arvind Kejriwal does is pre-planned.

Making a scathing attack over former Delhi Chief Minister, Binny, who once worked closely with Kejriwal, said, "His sole objective behind all this is to sit on the chair of Prime Minister. Becoming Delhi's Chief Minister was a step towards his dream of becoming PM of India."

Vinod Kumar Binny

The erstwhile AAP MLA, who announced contesting against former Delhi Chief Minister in the upcoming Assembly polls, said he'll expose Kejriwal in front of people when time is right.

When asked about his decision to contest against Kejriwal, Binny told OneIndia, "I decided to contest in the elections to reveal Arvind Kejriwal's real face in front of the world. He's not what the world perceives him. He is a dramatist and acts as per the directors' instruction and there are several directors in the party.

Kejriwal's aim is to become PM

"His sole ambition is to sit on the chair of the Prime Minister. He used Anna Hazare's anti-graft movement to get an opportunity to enter into politics. It could be understood with the fact that Arvind floated the party even after Anna categorically rejected it."

I trusted Kejriwal, he was like god to me

When asked why he (Binny) joined AAP if he felt Arvind Kejriwal cheated Anna, he replied, "I came to know about Kejriwal's true intentions only after I joined the party. I trusted him, he was like god to me, but I was shattered when I came to know about his real self. That is why, I want to expose him in front of the people of this country who consider him an epitome of honesty. He made tall claims to the people of Delhi while campaigning but did nothing when he got the opportunity to serve the people."

Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia hold party's reigns

Talking about AAP, the two time ward councillor and an independent MLA said, "There is no 'internal democracy' in the party. Decisions are taken mainly by Arvind (Kejriwal) and Manish (Sisodia) and whomsoever questions their decision is termed as a conspirator leading to ouster from the party."

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When asked about his match to Kejriwal, who defeated the incumbent Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit, and how will he compete with a person who is still considered to be people's first choice for Delhi's CM, Binny said it is because no party has declared its list or its CM candidate's name and so far only AAP has confirmed its CM candidate. Hence, Kejriwal is the only one people are talking about. The moment people of Delhi will get a choice better than Mr Kejriwal, this percentage will surely come down."

I'll seek votes for my work

Expressing confidence over his track record as a legislator and selfless work he has done so far, Binny said Kejriwal will be given a befitting reply by the people of Delhi for he did not perform his jobs, as an MLA, properly.

Binny has promised to expose Kejriwal
"Kejriwal didn't do anything for the people of New Delhi which is his constituency. As an MLA, he was never available for the people. Not a single work was done by him in his own constituency. People in his own constituency are complaining that they never had any access to him for he was busy with his men to fulfill his bigger political ambitions."

Kejriwal betrayed people of Delhi

"Ever since winning election, Kejriwal was missing from his constituency. I have met people in his constituency and they are literally miffed at him and feel betrayed," said a furious Binny.

A confident Binny went on to say that he has been meeting people of New Delhi and after getting positive response from the people, made up his mind to contest against Kejriwal in these polls.

"During my stint as a councillor and as an independent MLA, I did lots of work for my constituency. I held Mohalla Sabhas in my ward and constituency to resolve people's problems and will continue to do the same. As far as campaigning is concerned I'll go door to door to seek votes for myself. Unlike Arvind, I'll make no false promises to the people.

Kejriwal's deposit will be seized this time

I am confident that after knowing the real Kejriwal, people will not support him and his deposit will be seized this time," he further added.

Talking about any of Kejriwal's achievements, the former MLA had to think hard after which he said, "No. I don't know any extraordinary work he has done so far. He's flop, flop, flop, super flop."

When asked whether he's joining BJP, Binny said there is no such plan as of now, but if any development takes place media will be the first one to know. Though he was not averse to the BJP's better prospects in the polls.

"The middle class which voted heavily for AAP in the last year's election has now detached itself from the party and that is going to be a major setback for the party because these votes will now drift towards the BJP and Congress. Even, SC/ST votes are shifting towards the BJP," he added.

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