NSG plenary ends- Differences over NPT remain

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The NSG plenary in Seoul ended without any movement on India's application. The stumbling block for India was the NPT issue which had been raised by China several times. An entry into the NSG mandates that a country is part of the NPT.

China had quoted the NPT issue and even reminded the United States of America that this rule was framed by them.


The statement that was released after the meet stated that the meet discussed the legal, technical and political aspects of non NPT countries. The governments reiterated firm support for the implementation of NPT as cornerstone of international non proliferation regime.

Despite an appeal by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Beijing remained adamant. It was Japan which raised India's membership during the meeting. The same was seconded by Argentina.

Following this 30 members declared support citing India's nuclear nonproliferation record. Brazil, South Africa too backed India's bid. While Austria, Switzerland and Ireland supported India, they sought to know how the process would be undertaken.

China however continued to stick to its point. It said that an entry into the NSG must be limited to only those nations that have signed the NPT. The meeting ended last night with the representatives being told to contact their governments for further instructions. The plenary will be held today and a decision on India's entry into the NSG will be finalised.

China's chief negotiator in Seoul said that Beijing would back a country only if its a member of the NPT. Those countries which are non NPT members will not be allowed membership of the NSG. Both India and Pakistan are not members of the NPT. We do not back India or Pakistan until the rules are followed, China contended.

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