Nirbhaya: Tweet! Tweet! AP Singh invites more trouble

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AP Singh
New Delhi, Sept 14: The media is enraged and the public out of control....already-this time with the defence lawyer who was representing the convicts. While his "burning my daughter alive" comment drew criticism from all corners of the world, he made things worse with a few more today.

In an interview with a news channel, Singh alleged that Nirbhaya was murdered for political purpose and to strengthen the case. He argues," the girl was reportedly having multipe internal organ failure, was given morphene and was administered CPR for cardiac arrest, then how is it possible that she gave four pager statement four times? That means, she was healthy and fine and the doctors did not save her on purpose!"

It is hard to say whether the lawyer realizes that he has drawn the attention of the media, social activists, the politicians and even the Delhi Bar council and all of them have trained their guns against him.

Social activist Annie Raja alleges that the comments represent a failed lawyer. Indicating Singh's comment on his daughter, she further adds,"how can he fight for the freedom of others when he does not respect the personal freedom of his own daughter?"

The Delhi Bar Council too is very disappointed with Singh's conduct, which is why it has decided to take his case up in a meeting on September 29 and plans to take strict disciplinary action against him. "However, he would be given a chance to explain himself although it was unbecoming of him to say such things", said a Bar Council member.

People speak:

The Twitter too is flooded with messages from the people criticising the Singh's stand on the case. In fact, there are opinions that add different angle to the lawyer's perspective. Here are some:

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