NGO's for religion sending ISIS recruits under scanner

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Battling the threat of online Jihadi recruitment is one of the hardest battles for any security agency. While accounts sympathetic to the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS are under surveillance, Intelligence Agencies are now closely watching the activities of employees in IT firms.

In addition to monitoring the employees of various IT firms, there is also a lot of heat being generated on small firms that are specifically run to promote religion. In other words the NGO's for religion.

ISIS: Many NGOs under scanner

Scanner on IT firms

4 out of 5 or one may even say 5 out 5 recruits into the Al-Qaeda and the ISIS are highly educated. Terrorism is no longer about fighting because of poverty or a lack of job.

All the recent recruits from across the world are highly qualified persons especially engineers. With a large number of recruits emerging out of IT firms, companies in Bengaluru and Hyderabad are under watch.

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that to be clear it is the employees who are under watch and not the firm. We
have found that in many cases employees have been chatting up with persons running terror sympathetic sites.

These are the persons under the scanner. We have also told the local police to create thorough data bases on such persons. We have also given lists of suspects and would want them to be closely monitored, the officer also informed.

The NGO's for religion

Off late several NGO's working specifically for the cause of religion have emerged in large numbers. While there are genuine organizations there are a few who promote terrorism in various forms. While conversions is one part of the problem some NGO's have emerged which specifically aide recruitments into terror groups.

A list of NGO's specifically in Warrangal, Gulbarga, Salem, Kottayam, Hubbali and Bidar have been drawn up. These are being watched closely.

We have collected ample data on them and are monitoring them closely. We suspect that they could be involved in sending recruits to foreign countries, the officer further states.

The problem needs to be addressed soon since there is a growing clamour for joining terrorist groups. All these years it was about going to Syria or Iraq and now with the ISIS launching its Afghanistan outfit, the problem could worsen if not curbed, the officer further pointed out.

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