NGO Raj: How they spread religious intolerance?

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India could well take a leaf out of Russia when it comes to dealing with this agenda prone NGO's who have done nothing but work contrary to the interests of India.

The debate regarding the NGO's never seems to end and with the Western power declining it was expected that they would unleash their NGO's on India with just one intention - Make India Look Bad.

Ghar Wapsi

In this context one must recollect that in the year 2012, President of Russia Vladimir Putin had thrown out the United States Agency for International Development or the USAID.

He had accused it of interfering in the internal affairs of Russia. A similar incident had taken place when Russia ordered the British Council to leave the country on the same grounds.

Spreading political discontent:

Apart from blocking development by fuelling passions among the poor with very wrong information severeal NGO's have also created fake handles on social media sites to carry out a negative agenda against the government.

A similar incident was discovered when USAID had created fake handles to create political unrest in Cuba.

India too has been a victim of such propaganda and the more the Intelligence Bureau officials look into the issue, the more they find out about the nasty agenda.

NGO's pick and chose particular governments. If there is a majority government their activities tend to increase. It is relatively easier for them to push and agenda in a coalition government since there are many voices of discontentment in such governments.

However, in the case of a majority government NGOs take the other route and try and spread panic among the people. There is false agenda which is promoted online.

Some members are invited to foreign countries to give presentations against the government which is then circulated widely on the internet thus trying to change the perspective of the people.

Sponsoring criminals:

Another task undertaken by the NGOs is sponsoring religious crimes.

Officers who have been investigating the Church attacks and also the nun rape case say that there is a pattern to such crimes.

While questioning the various accused persons one gets the impression that they have not acted on their own.

Their replies are not satisfactory when they say that they were upset with some religion.

They give the indication that this job was thrust on them and they looked like criminals who work for money and not for some religious agenda.

There have been instances to show that some NGO's use the foreign funds only to sponsor religious crimes.

There is a larger agenda to this and causing religious unrest not only increases communal hatred and creates hatred but also sends a very bad signal to the rest of the world.

Religious intolerance is something that portrays to the world that India is unsafe and in this way they try and block out the investments too.

NGO raj will only grow:

It is a well known fact that the dominance of the West is collapsing.

The dominance of three centuries is on the decline and the world is seeing the growth of both India and China.

India is a preferred destination compared to China due to an open form of democracy and hence the West will look to target India through its NGOs.

Intelligence Bureau officials say that it is a tough battle ahead. Many of these NGOs have foreign spies too working part of it and this has only added to the problem.

The same was found in the case of USAID as well and they are replicating the same in India as well.

India can take several measures to curtail activities, but to stop them is going to be one difficult task.

The West is also likely to unleash more such NGOs as there are attempts being made for economic re-grouping in the form of BRICS.

This is something that will not go down too well with the West which will do everything to stop it and who better than the NGOs to unleash an agenda.

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