Assam: NDFB(S) head is a non-Bodo fighting the ISI ULFA proxy war

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‎The Sangbijit faction of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland which claims to be working for the establishment of a seperate Bodoland in reality works contrary to their claim. Infact this outfit is headed by a person who is not even a Bodo and is on the payrolls of the ULFA which has made him a part of the anti talks team.

The faction which is a breakaway group is headed by Sangbijit who also goes by the name of Sirsing Ingty. The group which he heads is basically part of the anti talks faction supported by the ULFA.


Another interesting fact is that Sangbijit does not even a Bodo but a member of the Karbi tribe.

The anti talks factions:

This group which carried out the massacres two days back is part of a group which focuses on spreading havoc in a bid to prevent any sort of peace talks. Largely funded and sponsored by the ULFA which works against India's national interest the NDFB( S) has been primarily responsible for derailing the peace talks.

There are 16 groups which the government has been in talks with ‎and the Sangbijit faction has since 2012 derailed those talks with various acts of terror. The ULFA which gets it supplies from the ISI sponsored groups has ensured that the NDFB (S) is well funded and has a regular supply of arms.

Broke away to disrupt peace:

It was in the year 2012 that Sangbijit broke away from the NDFB which was led by Ranjan Daimary. The reason for the split is because Sangbijit refused to tow Daimary's line who wanted peace with the government.

Daimary had extended the olive branch to the government and peace talks were underway. The government's after failing to broker peace for several years had begun to make headway but the split by Sangbijit ensured that the process was derailed.

Based in Myanmar:

Sangbijit has been provided shelter in Myanmar. He is under the protection of the ISI sponsored ULFA. The ULFA has infact made him a part of the anti talks wing.

His primary job is to wreck havoc and disrupt peace by killing innocents. His recent acts have involved murders, abductions and bombings. All this comes at a time when the government appears to be making some progress in ensuring peace in the region.

Luring the gullible:

The Sangbijit faction has several gullible Bodo youth in the outfit. What has been noticed is that this faction lures youth with the promise of money and jobs. Several youth who have come out of the group say that they were not aware of what they were getting into.

The interrogation of some of the members like‎ Uttam Borgayari and Minu basamatry suggest that they trapped. They say that while some were lured others were threatened. We realised that they were not fighting for the cause only after we joined them.

Trained in Myanmar:

The latest massacre involved a bunch of youth who had returned from Myanmar after being trained. They were trained in the ULFA camps over there and sent down only a week back to launch this well planned massacre.

The Intelligence Bureau says that these sophisticated weapons are courtesy the ULFA which reports to the ISI. Myanmar Has been a training and launching hub for the ULFA since several years. Moreover after every attack they cross over into Myanmar.

‎Keep the state on the boil:

For the ULFA and the ISI this is a perfect set up. By disrupting peace talks through the Sangbijit faction it ensures that normalcy never returns. Any attempt to broker peace is countered by this faction.

Moreover when the Adivasis were attached two days back there was a retaliation by them and two Bodos were killed. This is a perfect set up which the ULFA and ISI thrives on since they have managed to get the people of the same state against each other.

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