Recipe for national crisis: Simmer Kashmir, add protests, and serve hot in the Parliament

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National media and the nation itself is divided in the wake of the JNU student uprising. Both the sides have been heard out on social media and both hold logic. But the debate continues, primarily for the reason that there are some inherent issues that are not being let to faze out.

Call it political vendetta, but that is the recipe for national crisis. Remember the Anil-Kapoor starrer 'Nayak', which showed how a riot was subotaged by the politician to turn the tables against the protagonist.

JNU uprising

No, we are not drawing parallels in the real and the reel life, but on second thoughts, the plot may have some substance of truth. What if the JNU fiasco was sabotaged to keep the media divided but busy? To keep the think tanks busy, so they lose focus from the broader aspects of the country? Certainly, both these units form the grey cells of the country, who maneuveur the people's perception of a situation.

Otherwise, why does every protest, every battle against marginality, gender issues turn toward Kashmir and religious-based controversies?

The JNU protest is a case in point. It was a plain and simple cultural even discussing terrorist Afzal Guru's mind behind the Parliament attacks and why capital punishment was a bane. While the authorities deny having any knowledge about it, there are other things that interest us. When exactly did the event managers say that they support Afzal Guru in his misdeeds or they supported anyone for that matter?

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JNU uprising 2

Simmering the Kashmir issue

Now, if we speak of Afzal Guru, Kashmir has to be brought to the scene. Ideally, the event organised by the JNU students also dealt with the problems that Kashmiri students faced.

Being the crisis-prone individuals that we are, we are bound to think that it has got something to do with the Kashmir ownership battle between India and Pakistan and how the governments are unaware of the battles the citizen face due to this. Certainly, that is an issue, but there is more to it in this case.


In comes Umar Khalid, and videos showing him participating in a protest demanding 'Azadi' for Kashmir. Now, a cultural event taking this turn is rather unexpected until it was planned, Add to it the Intelligence Bureau reports that state that Umar Khalid, who was one of the main organisers of the Afzal Guru event, sympathises Jaish-e-Mohammed, the Pakistan-based terror outfit. Khalid had planned 18 such events across various varsities in the country and that he is also said to have travelled to Pakistan and Kashmir in the recent past.

JU uprising

Meanwhile, JNUSU leader leader Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested by Delhi Police, is alleged to have said that Kashmiri students led by Umar Khalid raised ‘anti-national' slogans at JNU. He has also alleged that Khalid was in touch with the separatists in Kashmir. IB, adds to this, saying that 10 Kashmiri students entered JNU just 2 days before the clashes.

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Our question, why were they not stopped? And why was only Kanhaiya arrested and Umar stands free?

It was very well perceived that the situation would blow out of proportion and would rake a crisis-like situation. And a crisis thrives doubt and uncertainty. As responsible Indian citizens, we have to dodge these political strategy, if any, to let the country come to a boil.

Remember, a nation in crisis has a staggering economy.

Parliament and a tight rope walk

The government has decided to speak on the JNU row during the Budget session in the Parliament. That gives room for many more adjourments and debate. The result may be the same, like the Kaliachowk crisis, and the entire incident may very well be brushed under the carpet.

The Kashmir issue would be popped in and the atrocities they faced will be discussed, completely ignoring the many angles of a dissociated history that also saw the mass exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits.

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Jadavpur Uprising 2

Amid all this, didn't we miss the actual scene? Beware, we may be facing a different form of intellectual terrorism that divides the nation par recognition, the youth that is yet to see the dawn of future. Are the intelligentia being targetted now? Time to re-think.

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