Modi's SAP speech: 'BRICS is nothing without 'I'', here's why

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All of Narendra Modi's speech have been equally enchanting, but today's speech at San Jose's SAP center was a notch up. With a tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Modi set an example to the world that we take our history seriously and it is a part of our daily lives.

Apart from that, Modi revealed some very interesting facts about the country and its increasing role in the global platform.

Narendra Modi

So, here are some interesting facts that will make india indispensible in the near future.

India has the largest young population in the world: With a strong 800 million young population, India is said to be the biggest manpower resource in the world.

In fact, Indian minds form 25% of the workforce in the US in various domains. Forget the individual businesses, but they form the largest economic backbone for the US. Modi said that with such a demography, India is bound to be a super power in the future.

From Upanishads to Upagraha: Mocking the type-set international perspective of India as a country of Upanishads, Modi said that India is not only about ancients texts and writings, it has now reached MARS.

Accolading the MOM project by ISRO, he said when other superpowers failed to place their orbiters in first attempt, India did it in the very first attempt. To add to it, the project was pleasant to the pocket too.


Answering why expenses on space programs were required: Explaining his opinion about space programs, Modi gave a very simple example. "I have heard people criticising the country for spending so much money on space programs when millions are still poor. I would say that the space programs have been launched not just for MARS investigation, but also for keeping a watch on the climatic changes, monsoons and natural calamity. That way the farmers and the fishermen would know where to go." Isn't that helping the poor?

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Soil health card: Ever heard of that before this? The government seems to be issuing soil health card to the farmers so that they know how good or bad their soil is and what they need to do to replenish the lost minerals.


The JAM theory: The much acclaimed Jan Dhan bank account, Aadhar subsidies relegation and Mobilising governance together form this theory by Narendra Modi. He speaks about the transformation of privatised banks to nationalised banks in the financial sectors, stating that this was the transformation for the benefit of the poor.

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Appreciating the role of the poor in strengthening the economic backbone of the country, Modi said that close to 32,000 crore rupees were deposited, despite the government's plan to allow the poor to open a bank account without any money.

Likewise, he also appreciated the middle class and the rich who did away with their Aadhar subsidies. Mobilising the governance was something that happened after the Modi government came to power.

For instance, the UAN number and the e-PF, which allows employees to moderate their PF accounts on their own. "I want every Indian to have governance at their finger tips," said Modi.


Terrorism: Harping on the fact that there is no good terrorism and no bad terrorism, he said,"people refuse to see the demarcation between law and order situation and terrorism. Terrorism has to be fought globally and only one country cannot fight it. We have to bring all our forces together and uproot it."

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Brain deposit: A term coined by Narendra Modi, this highlights the brain drain that is inflicting the Indian economy. As youngsters venture out in search of better opportunities and lifestyle. Modi urges the youngsters to stay back and use their skills in their own country to make it a better place. "Brain drain must turn to brain gain," he said.

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