Making China a part of 'Make in India' campaign might be risky

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On the first anniversary of his historic triumph in the Lok Sabha election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited Chinese entrepreneurs to make in India, a slogan which his government has stressed since coming to power. [PM Modi woos Indian community in Shanghai]

Does China fit well in Modi's 'Make in India' campaign?

Modi's pitch for the 'Make in India' campaign has been appreciated all over for it adds a nationalistic flavour to India's economic performance. But is it okay if the Chinese are invited to be a part of this initiative, given New Delhi's serious concerns over Beijing in the foreign policy domain? [Agreements signed between India and China]


The feel-good talks about India-China relations sound nice at a top-level meeting. But does the reality on the ground allow India a free hand to allow Chinese to use India's land to produce?

China's involvement in 'Make in India' campaign could complicate questions on economic and national security

The Indian market is already struggling with Chinese goods while the Indian Army is always on the toes to counter Chinese incursions. The border issues continue to be unsettled. Under such circumstances, can the trust element be fully functional between the two neighbours?

Countries like Pakistan & China are difficult to be accommodated in 'Make in India' campaign

It is not very easy to align Pakistan and China with India's nationalist slogans like 'Make in India' for obvious reasons. With due respect to Modi's vision for brotherhood and peace, one can still say that such initiatives will work little with the two hostile neighbours and give rise to problems related to national security in due course.

A former NDA minister had called China India's No. 1 enemy: Has the ground reality changed today?

During the days when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was India's prime minister, the then defence minister George Fernandes had said that China, not Pakistan, is India's main enemy. Has the BJP leadership started believing in the opposite during its second stint in power?

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